Apple fixes security breach on the iPhone; it will be more difficult to unlock it for cops and robbers

Apple will fix security holes in the default settings of the iPhone, which will make it considerably more difficult for cops and criminals to unlock one of your mobile devices without legal authorization or of the owners.

How Goodbye Lightning?, it seems that the iPhone will already have a USB-C

As was announced by the titan technology from Cupertino, according to a report in The New York Times, which specifies that Apple would fix via a software update that also disable the port to Lightning for the iPhone -currently used to charge, transfer data and connect accessories – after an hour the telephone has been blocked.

Only an authorized user will have to unlock the phone in order to reactivate the data transfer capacity, although the charge of the battery, to continue operating normally.

This change could create an obstacle to the Police that before getting the data from iPhones to connect them by USB to another device with special software. These devices allow to test thousands of combinations of passwords to unlock smartphones.

Apple has refused on repeated occasions access to their devices to police agencies in the united States, including the FBI, to put into practice these methods to crack the phones after the legal dispute with the company led by Tim Cook, who declined to provide access to the device iPhone 5c used by the shooter in the massacre of San Bernardino, California, in 2016.

The update will be available for all iPhone compatible with iOS 12, you will have the option so that the device has to be unlocked by the owner when you have spent more than an hour without be used to authorize a data transfer through USB.

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