Apple listed the 11 most common mistakes that often make the users of iPhone

When you buy a new phone, we think that is the best and will never break down. With the passage of time, we were perplexed to look at the screen without bright and don’t understand what happened.

We in we have collected 11 tips from Apple support that will help to extend the functioning of your phone favorite. You have to count the number of rules that you have not followed.

1. Do not use the original charger

Use a charger that is false to charge the battery of your iPhone is a simple action that can cause regrettable consequences. Be careful with this issue and even if you visit your friends, ask if your charger is original. Otherwise you risk to be the owner of a phone unusable.

2. Not always have access to the number linked with your iCloud account

When you always have in your hands a phone that works well, it is very difficult to imagine life without him. However, when not paying attention it can happen. Do not install updates if you do not have access to the number linked. After you restart, you will be asked for a code that will be sent to this number. And if not what you can get, the only output will be to restore the account. This process goes by the official office of iPhone and may take a lot of time, so much so that you may have to use another phone with buttons. If you don’t want to go back a decade ago, it is best that you pay attention to this and if they link to multiple numbers.

3. Close all the applications at the same time

Between the holders of the technology Apple are those who close all the applications at the same time to reduce supposedly the consumption of energy. This is a wrong action: open applications are paused and do not consume extra energy. Just to vover to open them, the battery drains more quickly. It turns out that when you take care of it this way, you are hurting.

4. Do not choose a holster that covers well the important connectors

It is better to be more practical about this issue. The sleeve has a tapas special for protect the important outlets will save you from a long cleaning to your iPhone and of the risk of overheating of the stack. It is true that bothers me very much open and close the exits, but thinks that body armor that can save your life are not always comfortable.

5. Do not turn the phone off in the intense heat and get it out in the freezing cold

You need to get accustomed to the idea that your iPhone is much more fragile than your, officially the phone can only be used in a temperature range from 0 up to 35 ° C. That means that by exposing it to a temperature of at least (even −5º C) and the strong sun, you will have negative consequences. For an expedition to Everest or a trip through the Gobi desert it is best to choose another device more durable. Let’s hope that the creators of the next iPhone think make it more resistant to heat and cold.

6. Stop charging during the night

This topic brings about many discussions. However, many publishers write that if you leave your phone charging all night, the effectiveness of the battery is reduced. Of course, it is very easy to put the phone to charge during the afternoon and later in the morning and thus will be loaded. However, if you remove the iPhone from the charger until you have 100 percent load, the battery will last longer. In addition, it was pointed out that the optimal functioning of the phone is in the range of 20 to 80 percent of the battery charged.

7. Keep it downloaded for a long time

Of course, it is very difficult to imagine that we can’t forget our phone for a long time. However, it is best to avoid such situacione. During the time of the absence of battery, she can go into a state of useless and next time when you try to turn it on you’ll confront with a black screen. In addition, in case of buying a new model, not forgetting the old phone with the following thought: “I will be useful some day”. It is best to make use of immediately.

8. Allow applications to send a lot of notifications

If you want to always be connected, and the output is the following: notifications always appear to do, that you’re glued to your phone. In addition to download to your battery (push notifications, keep your phone in a mode of full operation and require data connection) and will bother others, especially when you have a conversation with you.

When you install a new application, think about whether it is very important for you to receive notifications from it. The absence of the constant notifications you will help reduce the amount of stress.

9. Do not reduce the use of geolocation

The use of the geolocation is one of the main functions that significantly affect the level of the battery on iOS devices. This technology is used by major applications such as maps, “Find my iPhone“ and all those that are not required to use this function in a constant manner. Go to ”Settings“ < “Privacy” < ”Localization” and turn it off in all secondary applications. Your battery will thank you. In addition, corporations will be more difficult to pursue. It is a small thing, but it will be worth it.

10. Not periodically restart your iPhone

The possible reason that your device may go off some day and it will not react to the charger or pressing buttons is in the lack of restarting of session for a long time. It seems surprisingly logical: imagine that will force you to work without a break. In addition, even the Apple support says that to solve many problems of iOS devices, it is sufficient to restart only once a week. It seems that this is similar to the meditation for the iPhone!

11. Always keep on the Wifi and Bluetooth

When your iPhone is on the Wifi or Bluetooth but none of the two is used, like wasting too energy. This is similar to when you open the faucet, but do not wash the dishes, or the wash, but forgot to close the faucet. The gadget will always have something to transfer to any server, download, etc. To save the battery and to prolong the life of the phone it is advisable to turn them off when not needed.

Between these actions there are some that you have not done?

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