Apple and Volkswagen will create the first ‘combi’ autonomous

For some time we know that Apple has focused his efforts on driving technology autonomous, first with the intention of creating your own vehicle, however, the company has realized how complicated this is, and has decided to create the technology driving autonomous and partner with a car manufacturer as Volkswagen.

So, it seems that the first driving vehicle autonomous, Apple is taking shape, although not in the way that many expect, because of the start, Apple will use vans or ‘combis’ to prove their technology, which will not be available to the public in general, and of time nor can be seen circulating through the streets of California.

As revealed by The New York Times, Apple and Volkswagen have closed this agreement, in which the German company will supply Apple with the chassis, wheels and bodywork of your model T6 Transporter, while Apple will make modifications to the seats, dashboard and other items to place throughout the system necessary for you to have driving autonomous.

What time is not known, is whether Volkswagen will benefit later from this partnership with the technology driving autonomous of Apple, that is to say, that future cars can go to the market to compete with Tesla and other vehicles driving autonomously but thanks to Apple technology.

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Likewise, it has been mentioned that, for now, these vehicles will transport employees between the campus of Apple in California, and always iran to two employees of the company in the front, one that will be behind the wheel for if you should take control of the vehicle, and another that will be monitoring and recording everything that makes the ‘combi’.

According to the source, this project was scheduled to start operations at the end of this year, but it will probably be until 2019 when it starts operations between the campus of Apple.

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