Learn what to do these 10 hidden signs on the dollar bill

The us dollar bill has a lot of symbols that are interpreted as masonic. There are people carefully looking for a hidden meaning in the elements of the tickets. The version of these signs were made to combat counterfeiters, it is not a priority for them.

Today, Great.guru wants to share with you 10 meanings of the symbols of this mysterious ticket. At the end of the article we will show you in what part of the dollar find a popular Internet meme.


It is very easy to notice this sign because it is not a great mystery. The letter means the particular bank of the Federal Reserve in which was printed the ticket.

Among the letters are: “G“ for Chicago, ”F“ for Atlanta, “B” for New York, ”“ for Boston, ”C“ for Philadelphia, “D” for Cleveland, E for Richmond, ”N” for St. Louis, “I” for Minneapolis, J for Kansas City, ”K” for Dallas and “L” for San Francisco.

Unknown creature

There are several versions about this small sign in the upper left corner. Some people think that it is an owl, others see a skull with bones and other more say that they see a spider, explaining that his spider’s web has caught up to the number “1”. There is also a version that says that is a stain that no one noticed during all these years.

Phrases in Latin

They say that during the times of the Great Depression, the authorities decided to summon the occult sciences to help the nation out of the prolonged economic crisis, which may explain the Latin phrase: Annuit coeptis (“Favors our undertakings“), Novus ordo seclorum (”New World Order“) and E pluribus unum (“From many, one”).

Number 13

This number has a special role in this green ticket: an eagle with a shield tightens 13 arrows and an olive branch with 13 leaves and fruits. In the shield are respresentadas 13 stripes horizontal and vertical, above the head of the eagle represent the 13 stars, the pyramid consists of 13 levels of bricks, 13 peaks in total of the two parts of the pyramid (8 of part big bottom and 5 at the top), and 13 bunches of herbs close to her. The most attentive noted that phrases in Latin Annuit coeptis and E pluribus unum consist of 13 letters.

There is an assumption that this number symbolizes the 13 former colonies from which was formed the U.S.


It is the symbol of the most mysterious in the ticket. There is the belief that this is God observing the new state and the new order. Therefore, supposedly is the phrase In God we trust (the”trust in God”).

In God we trust

There are many legends about the origin of this phrase. One of them says that during the time of the fever golden, many went to the wild west to enrich themselves with the gold mines. At that time, a large number of different values in circulation in the country. When someone in the room tried to pay for a glass of whisky and a steak with these values, it was denied. The man asked with perplexity:

—Don’t you believe in the debt?
—We believe in God, others pay with cash!
This phrase sounded so: In God we trust, all others pay cash.

Roman numerals

At the bottom of the pyramid there is a number: MDCCLXXVI. This is the roman numeral. Means 1776, the year in which the united States became an independent nation.


If you look well, in the 4 corners of the back of the dollar you will see a form like a cross or wings of a windmill. Some see the cross of Malta as a sign of the famous order of knights who were expelled by Napoleon to America.

God Shiva

At the bottom of the banknote there is a figure with the hair tied by a ribbon. There are some that assume that it’s a hidden image of the hindu God Shiva, whose middle name is “Destroyer”.

The width of any ticket is 66.6 mm

Us nor what we thought of inmedianto. If we do not take into account the fraction of a millimeter, then it is so. What you have measured and you have insured? What could it mean?

Bonus: meme Forever Alone

Fans of the memes are more attentive reached to see in the third row below a face similar to the famous Forever Alone.

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