Take advantage of these games and applications for free and a discount for a limited time

One of the great advantages of the app stores is that you constantly can find different deals and promotions on games, apps or movies, which we can leverage to increase our catalog of content, and so spend time entertaining.

This type of discounts it is important that we take advantage of as many times the price of an application is reduced considerably, so that today we have compiled some apps and games with discount that you should not miss.

A tip that I always give is that in the event that you are interested in any application, free or discounted download it or buy it, this way will be added to your library, and if the deleted or want to install it on another device you will not have to pay again for it.

It is also important to mention that not all applications and games may have this offer in all the markets, because the information we have collected from the Play Store in Mexico.

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Quizio PRO: Quiz Game

Quizio Pro

This game of funny questions and interesting what you can find totally free for the next 3 days, so the offer will finish on the next 07/03/2018.

Sentence Master Pro

If you like the English or even you want to learn more vocabulary on this language, then this game is for you, as you will have to sort words in a fun way which in turn will help you to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation.

This game can be downloaded for free until the next 07/03/2018, and their cost is $309 USD.

Dungeon Defense

Following the games with a free download for a limited time we have the title of the study GameCoaster, which is one of the most fun games that we have today on offer, where we have to defend our wall of our adversaries. The game can be downloaded for free until the next 10/03/2018.

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Cafe Express-O

Cafe Express-O

If you are a coffee lover and you want to do it of barista, then you must try this game which you can download for free today.

Simplicon Icon Pack

icon pack

This is not a game, and also you can download free of charge, but you do have a discount interesting, because their original cost is $43 MXN, although today you can buy for only $5 MXN.

This application will let you change the icons of the applications on your phone to a style more minimalist, care and under the lines of Material Design, so if you like this line of design created by: Matias Duarte, then wait no more. The application you’ll be able to find it with a discount only for today.

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Weather forecast

pronostico del tiempo app

If you like to use applications that you are kept informed about the weather in your city, then take advantage of the discount in this application, because of its normal cost is $75 MXN, and you can buy it for $5 MXN until the next 07/03/2018.

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