Chilean artist imagined what they might look the Disney princesses today

Fernanda Suarez is a young artist and talented who lives in Santiago, Chile. For his works needs no brushes, no colors, but its characters still look realistic.

Inspired by the images of the Disney princesses, Fernanda the moved to the TWENTY-first century and, using digital technologies, created looks modern and unusual, which together formed a calendar. Each princess kept their personality: for example, it is not difficult to imagine how Ariel could keep a blog of videos, and Rapunzel was to become a tv presenter. invites you to take a look at the new looks of the heroines of Disney that we liked right now.

Belle, “Beauty and the Beast”

Aurora, “sleeping beauty”

Ariel, “The Little Mermaid”


Jasmín, “Aladdín”

Merida, “Brave”


Tiana, “The princess and the frog”



Snow white, “snow White and the 7 dwarfs”

What of them is the one that you liked?

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