Artist draws the life of modern people with sarcasm and irony

The illustrator of Moscow Anton Gudim from several years ago shocked to the Internet with their work: frames that are memorable, a few words, sarcasm to the max and a touch of absurdity. His illustrations need no translation, they understand people of different cultures and nationalities, but only those that have irony and a sharp mind.

Strange as it may seem, the drawing for Anton is only a hobby, because he works as an engineer. However, this fact does not prevent the young illustrator to get thousands of “likes” on Instagram and he takes the art with all the seriousness. According to Anton, it does not pursue any particular goal to upload their cartoons in social networks, only “gives a lot of curiosity in what will end it all.” shares with you 16 works of this artist, who described how sarcastic our modern life with all its contradictions.

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