This is how Android Messages you want to compete with WhatsApp

In recent years, we have seen how it is that the communication has been completely revolutionized. Now, you only need to have a smartphone, choosing an instant-messaging application and ready. However, of all the options, WhatsApp is the platform most used worldwide. Although there are other applications with functions that are more varied, none has managed to exceed the scope that has WhatsApp.

For this reason, many technology companies have employed great efforts to achieve position in the first place. Google, for example, already has two messaging applications such as Allo and Hangouts, but none of it is within the reach of users who have WhatsApp. However, it seems that the company will do everything possible to be able to compete against other platforms with an attractive service.

Google teamed up in the year 2017 with mobile operators such as AT&T Mexico, América Móvil, Telefónica Movistar and Oi to be able to expand its coverage and thus provide the possibility of using a messaging service similar to the classic SMS.

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The company introduced a new service called Rich Communications Services, which works in a very similar way to the SMS messages; only with the difference that the users should have this application installed.

It should be noted that for the Android users was already available for this technology RCS, but its adoption was very limited and not many telephone companies were supported; there lies the importance that Google has finalized the agreements with the operators.

Some of the advantages of this service compared to other instant messaging applications, lies in the possibility of providing an interface-free, with the option to make group video calls, video calls, send stickers, files and a lot of other things without an Internet connection, thanks to which the operators would boost connectivity.

However, Android Police discovered in the code of Android Messages it will soon be possible to converse with other users through the web version to facilitate the interaction. As with WhatsApp, just open a web page on the computer and scan a QR code from the smartphone. According to the web portal, seems to be that many browsers will be compatible, like computers, a good alternative to extend the coverage.

Not many make the case to the SMS, or, in this case, to Android Messages, but what’s interesting is that it lets you do everything that you need to like to send in pictures and fun things without having the Internet.

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Until the time is unknown, official details about it, but we’ll be on the lookout for more information.

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