This is how you’ll be able to visit Disneyland from Google Maps

It is a reality that the technology closer to those who are far away who are close to; there’s no doubt, but when we have in our hands the possibility to explore, learn, and explore hidden places that we never imagined, we must take the opportunity.

There are applications of Virtual Reality, for example, that lead us to other sites in real time, and to feel so immersed, our brain could trick us and make us feel that we are really there.

Google Maps, on several occasions, has allowed users to travel across the world. For example, all fans of Game of Thrones had the opportunity to visit every location in which many of the iconic shots of the series were filmed. In turn, the application has provided the possibility to explore planets like Pluto, Venus and the moons of Saturn.

Now, the application mobility will allow users to know Disneyland, the amusement park and theme of a dream for people of all ages. If you have not yet traveled to that glorious destiny, this could be your opportunity.

Find Batmobile in Mexico City thanks to Google Maps

The application added 11 tours through Disneyland in Orlando and California so that all users get to your inner child. Of course, it is not the same as being physically in the park, or you can play Mickey Mouse, or run like crazy, or eat sweets at all sides, nor to see to the soldiers from Toy Story throwing to the ground, but at least it is a good opportunity to approach and explore.

You can choose to visit parks such as Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or Pandora. Then, we’ll leave you the links to the exact coordinates of each one of the places for you to enjoy as never before and have fun as a child on Kings day.

This is how it looks like the theme park of Guardians of the Galaxy, but if you’re not convinced, you can explore other locations.

Google Maps now allows you to travel and explore Pluto, Venus and the moons of Saturn.

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