So is the new design of Spotify for Android

Spotify is the streaming platform of the music used in all over the world, as according to figures from the company, it currently has 159 million users, even if your plan is to continue increasing this figure in the coming months.

To this end, the company has been working on a change to the design of its interface for Android, which you can already test, though time is not available to all users.

According to info from SlashGear, the company headed by Daniel Ek has launched a surprise new design which is now more colorful and minimalist, in fact it looks very similar to Stations, the application of which we spoke a few weeks ago and that despite the fact that it is only available in Australia, can be tested by means of the APK.

Spotify New

In addition to the visual change, we see that disappears the tab “Explore” and “Radio” and now a new so-called “Premium” where apparently we will be able to access the exclusive features of the users of payment as the download songs.

Do you use pirated versions of Spotify? You should reconsider

Spotify Old

Among other changes, the screen “Start” is now displayed reproductions of recent and some recommendations of new music based on your tastes and reproductions, while in the tab of “Search” we found several categories colourful, as well as the classic search bar at the top of the screen.

The tab “Your Library” changed to “Your” Playlist”, so it is likely that all the songs that you add, the artists that you follow, videos you like and other details appear in the section of “Premium”

These changes are already available in Android, but for the moment, only users who make a new account will be able to see them, at least as reported by the source, however, we have done the test and still don’t see the new design, so it is likely that it will gradually go rolling in different countries of the world.

Do you use pirated versions of Spotify? You should reconsider

Likewise, it has been mentioned that the new design will come soon to all Android users, so it will be a matter of time to try out the new features of this interface.

Images from SlashGear

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