So is the new Microsoft Office 365

Today has been the day chosen by Microsoft to officially announce the new features of Office 365, which comes with a redesign from head to toe, and promising a better performance thanks to the artificial intelligence.

Before you begin to speak of the improvements of the new Office, it is important to clarify that the company from Redmond has not made it clear if this design and functions will end up reaching to Office 2019, which is expected to be presented at the end of this year, but it is highly likely that this is so, because this will be the last Office as we know it.

Now yes, let’s talk about the new Office 365, which is rightly adopted by Fluent, the design lines of Windows 10, there you will see a great resemblance with the colour palette and icon design of Windows 10.

Office 2019 may only be used in Windows 10

Perhaps the most obvious change is in the ribbon, that is all the tab bar with the editing tools in Office, and that until the previous version had a considerable size, but which is now much smaller, and that according to Microsoft this has been done so we can focus on the work.

What is important to mention is that Microsoft has removed functions from the ribbon, so do not worry if you take care of most of the Office tools.

The icons look a bit different, more sober and care, thanks to the already mentioned Nhibernate, and each program continues to keep your color palette feature to know what program we are working on.

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Office with artificial intelligence

What has caught the attention of the new Office 365 is that we now have machine learning to make much more efficient all-family programs. For example, in the search bar we will get recommendations of command, content and people based on what we are doing and in how we use mostly the program.

And last, but not least, Microsoft has mentioned that Office 365 is being rewritten in Javascript, a situation that will make it a lot faster than any other version previously seen, and once the process is completed this enhancement will be released to Office 365 users.

The developments referred to above will begin to arrive soon to those who pay for their subscription of Office 365, and as mentioned in the beginning, we don’t know yet if they will also come to Office 2019.

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