So is the new Sony Xperia XZ2-Premium with dual camera

Sony has introduced today its new high-end smartphone that has been dubbed as Xperia XZ2 Premium, the most powerful smartphone of the company to the present day, and which in addition is also the brand’s first to include a dual camera.

The complete features of Xperia XZ2 Premium are the following:

As we can see, the differences between the XZ2 and XZ2 Premium are few, but enough to make reference to the “Premium” that goes by the name, as the screen resolution, camera, battery and RAM have a significant increase to be at the height of their competition.

Xperia XZ Premium 2

The first thing to note is that the screen of this Xperia XZ2 Premium account with a 4K resolution, since it is one of the benefits of the family Premium of Sony.

Xperia XZ2: first impressions from the #MWC2018

On the other hand, we have the first smartphone from the company nippon with dual camera, in particular with a sensor 19MP with focal aperture f/1.8 along with a secondary sensor of 12MP and f/1.6.

Sony has not announced many details about the operation of the camera, so that we do not know if the second sensor will be a wide-angle, monochrome or telephoto, though it is more likely they are to try the last option.

The battery is also improved compared to the XZ2, is not a change very noticeable, but yes it is an amperage larger, especially because the screen is much higher resolution, and therefore requires a higher consumption of battery.

Everything seems to indicate that improvements of this Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium will know until the day of his departure to the market, which is scheduled for the summer, although the firm did not say the exact day, or the markets will come, though it is highly likely that we will see him in Mexico in the coming months.