So it looks Ghostbusters World, the Pokémon GO ghost for smartphones

Pokémon GO marked a turning point for the studies developers of video games. Its mechanical attractive augmented reality managed to captivate millions of users, making the mobile app most downloaded in the year 2016.

To join the trend, various programmers have tried to launch new games for smartphones that will continue with the basic principle of augmented reality, but with other themes, of course. Some of the examples are The Walking Dead, Harry Potter , or Jurassic World.

If you remember the film saga of Ghostbusters, sure you will like the news that a new game of augmented reality could be on the way. This is Ghostbusters World, whose dynamics will be very similar to the Pokémon GO, only instead of catching creatures, the users will have to hunt ghosts. Although not everyone seems to be so simple; in fact, the ghosts could get aggressive, which could hinder them from falling into the traps.

Studies FourThirtyThree and Ghost Corps presented during the keynote of Google the game Ghostbusters World in which the interested parties will be able to walk the streets to capture ghosts scary. However, this game will work hand-in-hand of Google Maps to provide greater accuracy to the location.

Did you saw the new Pokemon GO of dinosaurs?

If you’ve never experienced with a video game for mobile augmented reality, maybe you should know that it is all very simple and that you will walk in to a great extent. Just open your app and begin to wander the streets so that through the camera of your mobile device you can see what you with your eyes is not noticeable.


Recently, we presented the first gameplay in which players can have a better notion on how to work the dynamics of the title for smartphones. We show below the video so you can feel like Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler.

The bad news is that the game still has much development ahead, so that we do not know on what exact date we could enjoy Ghostbusters World. What we do know is that it will be available this year for Android and iOS.

Approaching a new Harry Potter game for smartphones

Are you excited about a new mobile game of augmented reality?

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