So you’ll be able to view the content of deleted messages in WhatsApp

One of the functions expected of WhatsApp was the option to delete messages sent to that any user could read them, however, the company decided (for some unknown reason) that it will show a notification that the user had deleted the message, but above all made it very clear that the recipients could see the message if it is not removed successfully.

What do you talk about WhatsApp?, how is it that a message does not eliminate the right way?, what do you mean exactly? Well, before we continue we must mention that there are some options to view these messages through third-party applications that have access to the notifications, however, what they do is show you the information of the notification, so that in case you do not get to the phone, as there will be no message to display.

On the other hand, the trick which we will discuss below are not required to install any other application, it is sufficient to use WhatsApp, however, the process can seem rather tedious.

That said the only thing you have to do is reply to a message, this way if the user deletes it you’ll be able to continue watching your content, and this is one of the things that WhatsApp makes reference when he says that a message is not deleted correctly.

Tricks of WhatsApp for beginners

To reply to a message in iOS, simply swipe to the right the message, and then write what we wish to respond. In the case of Android we have to stop and hold the message and then write our response.

WhatsApp mensajes eliminados

Once you answer the message, it does not matter that the other user delete it, you’ll always have access to the contents of this message. The only problem is that messages that are too long will not be complete, but you can only view the first few lines of the message.

This small and simple trick you can use in any chat of WhatsApp, individual or group, and operates both in the mobile version as the website, so you already have a way to access the contents of the messages after deleted your contacts on WhatsApp.

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