So they can hack your WhatsApp with a simple SMS

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application most used in the world is also a platform through which crackers and extortionists are taking advantage of its popularity to scam people, spreading false news (fake news) and steal data and identities of users.

And today it has unveiled a new attack in which they steal your identity WhatsApp through a SMS or text message, and despite the fact that the first cases occurring in Spain, it is likely that this will end up spread to other parts of the world, including Latin america, one of the geographical areas where WhatsApp has a penetration very high in the market.

Everything started with the complaint to the police of a young woman in Santacara, a town in Navarre, Spain, which mentioned that he received a message through WhatsApp of part of your premium, which asked him for help after he had problems with his phone, and for this I needed to send you a link via an SMS containing information that could help your premium in order to troubleshoot problems with your computer.

When the victim opened the SMS your WhatsApp stopped working, and then made a phone call to her cousin to ask for an explanation, but she mentioned that in no time I had sent him a message through WhatsApp to ask for help, much less sent a link by SMS.

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WhatsApp copied one of the most interesting features of Telegram

After this case, several spaniards were there to denounce this act with the Group of Computer Crimes in Spain, which is currently investigating this situation.

Apparently, this attack is made to impersonate the identity of those affected, in this manner, they get your contact list and WhatsApp your profile data, although is not compromised sensitive information of the phone such as passwords, bank information, etc

The problem, is that to be able to impersonate the identity of a user it is easy to commit any extortion or deceit, that is to say, someone might ask for money or some other favor to any of our family members, friends or co-workers thinking that we are the ones that ask for such a favor.

There are already several places in Spain where it has been presented with this situation, and the authorities do not rule out that cases are likely to occur in other parts of the world, so that all the users of WhatsApp should be alert of this situation.

WhatsApp will soon tell you if a message was forwarded

And in case that any contact you asking for help or a favor that you don’t consider common, it is best to make a phone call to make sure that this is not a hoax, nor open any link you get by SMS from some unknown source, as this is how they start this type of attacks.

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