So you can test the new icons for your profile, Netflix

Are already available in Mexico new icons for your profile of Netflix based on the main original series of the company such as Orange is The New Black, House of Paper, Lost in Space and more, and here we show you how to test them.

Before you begin remember that the streaming platform had already announced this new feature a few weeks ago, however, was exclusively for the united States, while in our country only could try the icons classics with color redesigned.

Look at the first images of The hidden world of Sabrina, the new series of Netflix

To test the new icons simply do the following:

  • We went to the Netflix application, or we open our account in a web browser.
  • We go to the section of “More” and then select the option of “Manage profiles”.
  • Once this is done select the profile you want to edit and click on the image or avatar to choose among the options of the new catalog.

  • Select the image that we like and afterwards save changes.

As we can see we have the options of many original series from Netflix, and each of them will have at least 2 options with different characters so as not to leave anyone dissatisfied.

Regarding the profile of children or child will only display the icons of the series meant to them, so that they may not choose a character from the House of The Role, House of Cards or Orange is The New Black.

Do you like the new icons Netflix? and Partners.

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