So you can see who has your number of WhatsApp

Sometimes there are people who are in contact with us and we don’t do. Or worse, that they are angry, and we erased from their lives. If you are a person with too much free time maybe you’ve wondered who really has saved your number in WhatsApp.

Whether for work, friendship, or paranoia, to discover who does not care so much, or even who might have changed his number by following these simple steps.

So you can avoid check your WhatsApp

How to find out who has your number for WhatsApp

  1. Add the number of the person you want to know if you have saved. This is important, if you n or you have your contact, sorry but you can not review it.
  2. Open the app WhatsApp and go to the section of Chat.
  3. Head toward where you create Broadcast Lists and send them a message.
  4. The broadcast messages can only be received by users that have your number saved, so let’s hope a considerable amount of time to see if this happens.
  5. Go to the option Info for each message that is sent for review to which recipients came.
  6. If the contact in question appears in the list means that you have saved, if not, try to wait a little longer.

If after a long period of time nothing changes, everything indicates that that person is not saved in your phonebook. and Partners.

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