So it will be called Didi, the “Uber chinese”, when you get to Mexico

In Mexico, the market of mobility is extremely cost-effective, by what Uber has managed to position itself in the first place of the list of private transportation. Didi Chuxing, a service similar to Uber which currently operates in China, found a niche of opportunity in our country.

Didi Chuxing is the largest company of private transport in the world by the simple fact of operating in China where there are more than 1,300 million inhabitants. Recently, it announced its impending arrival to Mexico in order to achieve to defeat Uber, which provides service to 450 million users.

The rumors indicated Didi would begin operations in Toluca, then expand, but that was to be confirmed. In addition, it was commented that Didi, in addition to offering vehicles using an application, you want to go beyond launching services of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

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Via Bloomberg, we were able to learn more information about it and everything seems to indicate that Didi will operate in Mexico with the platform of 99 Taxis, an app of brazilian origin that the chinese company bought some months ago.

Before this decision, Matheus Moraes, Head of legal affairs policy and communication in Sao Paulo, said the following:

“We began to look to Mexico, to study it, but we are not yet operating. We have people and places open there, we just need to make sure that the product works well before the launch.”

In turn, it is likely that the service start to operate from June, but Didi would take the name of 99 Taxis. Both companies are recruiting diverse drivers, Uber offers more attractive by the continuous use of the application, as well as better rewards. It is also mentioned that for users the prices will be more fair for each tour.

Still we’ll have to see how effective the service is and if it’s really the citizens are willing to change their routine and migrate to the next platform.

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Do you think that Didi can remove ground to Uber?

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