Flight attendants revealed anecdotes and events horrible lived while they were engaged in their daily work

Many girls in their childhood dreamed of being stewardesses, and boys, and the pilots. It is a profession incredibly romantic and it also offers the possibility of viewing the entire world. But what of truth is as cool as they paint him?

Great.guru compiled for you 30 terrible situations and anecdotes of which he was a witness to the crew cabin. After all, this is the one that has to deal with the antics and “antics” of some of the passengers un-civic to board the plane.

A diaper worn on the back of the seat

It is difficult to surprise a flight attendant. Trash, wrappers, snacks, receipts, used towels on the seat for them, unfortunately, are part of the compendium of discoveries constants. But, sometimes, the “surprises” are more terrible as, for example, a diaper of baby used.

Some manage to lose his “luggage”

Sometimes there are “flying pigs”

It didn’t last more…

Yes, that is exactly what you thought. Someone didn’t have time to run to the bathroom and did his small need directly in the bottle of soda.

However, there are passengers very cute

And other much less pleasant

In may 2016, aboard a plane from the airline canadian Air Transat, which was carrying out a flight from Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) to Montreal, the passengers saw a couple of tarantulas giant, he boldly travelled through the cabin. The reaction is easy to imagine: horror, shouting and some trying to get in the seat directly to the legs.

“Feel like home”

The consumption of sleeping pills because of the fear of flying can cause people to be more ropes to perform something crazy. For example, there is who walks through the cabin stark naked. “After taking the sleeping pills and get to sleep, these people think they are in your home. And what is wrong to walk home without clothes?” explains a hostess with a lot of experience.

“Could you hold my bags?”

A man asked to the hosts that about his wife a jaw dentures that I had forgotten at home

Coffee made with tap water

To the question, “what event in your career can be described as the thing most strange”, the exazafata flight Heather Wilde replied that the top of the rarity were the noodles, eaten with much appetite to board the aircraft and preparation for which we used the non-potable water service. The coffee, also using this water, also looks very attractive.

Struggling to overcome the stress of a flight, all means are valid

But if the passenger becomes very restless, almost crazy, you are required to take strong measures

Surely this is not the best place to put a baby

“Turn off the engine, the child is sleeping”

A flight with children is not an easy task. A baby on board can become a nightmare for all the passengers. A father was so concerned by the dream of his son that he asked the stewardess to ask the pilot to shut down an engine during a particular period of time.

“Bring it to me right now”

In the list of the requests most crazy made the flight attendants find the tweezers to pull a needle from the rear part of a passenger, a ball-point pen to clean the ears, a screwdriver for separating the seats, a bag of marijuana, and even a straw and a knife to perform a catheter.

Looking for balance, everything is worth

Upload naked feet as high as possible, a classic on many flights

A typical introvert on board

Stealing food

A stewardess told her how he bumped into a flight with a “thief of snacks”. A passenger stole one already bitten the dispenser for the kitchen. It was soon discovered in its seat with the “body of the crime”. When asked how he could eat a sandwich outside, bitten, until with remnants of lipstick on him, the passenger shrugged his shoulders and replied that hunger invaded.

The plane returned to the airport for a heavy smell in the bathroom

In march 2015, a plane of the company ” British Airways flight London-Dubai was forced to return to the airport. The reason of this decision of the pilot responded to a strong stench of human excrement in the bathroom, which spread throughout the cabin. The pilot announced that it was forced to make a landing right away. The next flight was assigned 15 hours later.

That’s why you have to fasten the seat belts

Among the strange things that happen during a flight, crew members speak of the turbulence unexpected. “One of the strangest things I’ve ever experienced was a series of turbulence with the sky absolutely clear. I move between the ceiling and the floor several times, rompiéndome a leg for two different places when I fell over a cart of bar service”, told a flight attendant with extensive experience.

And a crew cab could not resist more and went out. Whew that did not do so in the air!

In August 2010, Steven Slater, a crew member of the airline, JetBlue, had an argument with a passenger during the landing in the airport of Pittsburgh. I was so angry that he decided to abandon his work just at that precise moment. Without thinking twice, opened the emergency door, took the emergency stairs and left.

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