Asturias or Extremadura differ more from the rest of Spain, Catalonia

Although all the Spanish autonomous communities have great resemblance between them, the Canary islands, the Balearic islands, Extremadura and Asturias have less similarities, socio-cultural with the others that Catalonia, which figure in fifth position in a research at UC3M and the MIT using data from Facebook.

The study, conducted by a team of researchers from the Department of Telematic Engineering, University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), discusses 63.000 interest earned of 2,000-plus users of Facebook from the different communities.

To do this, the researchers have developed a tool that collects the interests that Facebook assigns to users the installed. The interests analyzed in this work, which has had access Efe, are of all kinds. They include sports (FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Pau Gasol), music (Joaquin Sabina, Joan Manuel Serrat) or geographical locations.

The engineers, Angel Cuevas, Ruben Cuevas, and Ignacio Martín, of the UC3M, has also been used for investigation the system that offers Facebook to its advertisers to get the percentage of social network users in each autonomous community that is assigned to each of the 63,000 persons interests studied. The goal, as it points to the document that includes the study, was to analyze “the extent to which the catalans are culturally similar/different to the rest of Spain”.

“As scientists, we want to give you the answer to this question through an analysis of target data that quantify the similarity in socio-cultural between that community and the rest”, continues the text, which states that the study “lacks value judgments or political opinions” and collects a footprint of sociocultural of each community from the analysis and comparison of data.

The first conclusion is that, with small differences, all Spanish autonomous communities are much like each other socioculturally, much more between them than compared with foreign countries, or even French regions bordering with Catalonia. The most similar to the rest of communities are the two Castile, Andalusia and Madrid, in accordance with the data.

Catalonia is the second autonomy with a greater number of singularities, defined as the interest for something particular in a proportion of at least double the population in a community over any other. For example, the cider in Asturias, the Rioja wine in The Rioja, the yacht in the Balearic islands, the tavern in the Basque Country, etc

Catalonia is the only region that presents uniqueness with important political component (the Republican Left of Catalonia, referendum or democracy) that do not appear in the rest of autonomous communities, except Basque Country, although in this case limited to the ETA. When that is taken into account in the measurements is the exact percentage of the population interested in their own singularities, the Catalan community low positions, almost to the end of the list, to be placed in fourteenth position.

The singularities that make most impact on the population (those with at least 5 per cent of the interest in a community) tend to be linked in general to places, or sports. For example, Costa del Sol, Jerez or Marbella, in Andalusia; the Pacha nightclub, or Minorca, in the Balearic Islands; the airport Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas in this community.

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