Australia approves the golden rice for human consumption

The International Institute of Rice Research, a non-profit organization, has managed the agency in charge of approving for the consumption of food products in Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) has given its nod to the golden rice. It is a transgenic crop with the earliest varieties date back to the late 90 and that includes among its nutrients, a good amount of provitamin A or beta-carotene, a chemical compound that our body transforms into vitamin A, thanks to the use of genes from bacteria and other plants, such as corn or daffodils.

It is estimated that, each year, between one and two million children in poor countries die from lack of vitamin. Many more will become blind. Being the rice-the principal food of many of the poorest areas of the world, many of these children could be saved simply by changing the variety of rice they consume. But the research and production of golden rice has been blocked by the activism ecologist, who refuses to allow any kind of cultivation of this type.

The approval by Australia and New Zealand is primarily symbolic. In the first place because that could be grown in these countries would need the approval of a regulatory body other than. And in the second place because it was never a rice thought that was consumed in rich countries, where there is the problem of lack of vitamin A. The regulators recognize that the only problem that solves this approval is that the rice will not have reefs of any kind if it is transported through these countries.

But it is significant that after analyzing it carefully have concluded that the transgenic crop does not pose risks to the health. Remember that environmental activists with Greenpeace to the head, have destroyed crops experimental, and have sought by all means that any gmo is approved for cultivation and consumption, a goal in which you have been a huge success propaganda, especially in Europe. His recommendation is that the poor have access to a varied diet that includes “organic farming” as enjoyed by them in rich countries from those who condemn the silent genocide of hundreds of thousands of children without the least charge of awareness. And all to avoid the use of golden rice as a “Trojan horse” to achieve the acceptance of other gm crops, because the important thing is not to save the lives of the most defenseless, but oppose the science and the progress of humanity.

Last year more than a hundred Nobel prize winners, signed a manifesto in which it demanded to Greenpeace to abandon its campaign against golden rice, and in general against the crops and foods improved through biotechnology, and to the governments of the world to stop the multinational environmentalist and do “frener opposition based on emotions and dogmas that contradict the data”, ended with the manifesto. “How many poor must die in all the world before that this opposition be considered a crime against humanity?”

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