Barack and Michelle Obama could generate exclusive content for Netflix

Start generating exclusive content for Netflix, it is not a logical step for any person who has been the president of the united States. What we know, it sounds strange, but everything seems to indicate that the former marriage, u.s. presidential, Barack and Michelle Obama have great intentions of producing a series for one of the streaming services more popular all over the world.

With the revolution in the entertainment industry, it is easier to present stories in innovative and interesting that will be of interest to the audience. Netflix wants to produce a new series focusing on Barack and Michelle Obama, but not it would be a drama of presidential common and current style of House of Cards, but that the marriage would serve as a stellar pair and presenter.

It all sounds very confusing and strange, but according to a source close of The New York Times, the series could be based on the following:

“The production could focus on inspiring stories that present structured discussions on the most prominent themes that emerged while the obamas were in the White House.”

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This agreement between the marriage and Netflix, would mean that the service pays to Barack and his wife have exclusive content, although, according to the report, the number of episodes and the formats for each show, they have not yet been defined nor confirmed.

In turn, the amount of money that Netflix could pay the Obama was not disclosed, but it could be a certainty is the fact that Barack might moderate some social issues or problems related to democracy, migration, or the health care system. In the same way, Michelle could speak of topics that cover issues on nutrition or health.

This could be a good opportunity for the couple with the aim of sharing their own stories. It should be noted that the original series would not address the related topics to Donald Trump, current president of the united States.

The news has not yet been confirmed officially, but would you like that to become reality?

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