BFF green that checks the security of your account on Facebook is fake

After all the scandal of Facebook and the misuse of the personal data of millions of users of the social network by Cambridge Analytica has sparked many opinions on the Internet, and even gave birth to the movement #DeleteFacebook, where even the co-founder of WhatsApp posted on its Twitter profile that it was time that the users remove their account from Facebook.

And taking advantage of the situation has emerged a new trend with which different users are checking the security of your account, to avoid that some hacker can access your personal data, however, this information is false.

Does not need to be an expert to draw such conclusions, it is simply enough to be a regular user of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, as the proof of security verification is to place the letters BFF in a publication, and if this is painted in green color means that your account is protected, on the contrary, if there is any colour in the word, then you should change the password of your account, or at least that relates to a publication on Facebook that is getting viral.

The reality is that BFF stands for (Best Friend Forever) and it is a function in Facebook called Text Delight, which animates automatically some words or phrases such as: Greetings, best wishes, you got It, and many more to provide some special entertainment for the users.

Text Delight Facebook

It is thanks to Text Delight that BPP is painted in green and by clicking on it, appear two hands crashing into the palms, but that does not mean that your account is safe, to do this you should review your privacy settings and security.

Social networks alternate that you can use instead of Facebook

Fortunately this news is false does not involve any increased risk to users, that is to say, there is no theft of information or some other drawback that put in danger the privacy of your account, but you can pay for many other abusing of the ignorance of some users to obtain sensitive information.

So I invite you to share this information with your friends, and if you want to know how to control the privacy of your account of Facebook, here we leave you a tutorial.

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