Block Telegram for defending the privacy of its users

Telegram, the popular instant messaging application, and one of the most commonly used in America and Europe has been censored in Russia after its CEO and founder, Pavel Durov, decided not to hand over the encryption keys of the chats to the government, specifically the Federal Security Service (FSB), formerly known as the KGB.

Some weeks ago we mentioned that the government had asked Telegram the encryption keys of their chat to ensure national security and to investigate potential terrorist attacks, however, in his moment of Pavel Durov refused to do so, which caused him to pay a fine of 800 thousand rubles, that is to say, a little more than 300 thousand mexican pesos, in addition to that, the government threatened to block the application if there was no delivery of the keys.

Today has been the day that Roskomnadzor, which is the regulatory body of media in Russia, ordered to lock the application to all operators in the country, which are those that may prevent the use of the service in mobile networks as local.

So you could end up our privacy in WhatsApp and Telegram

For his part, Pavel Durov, mentioned in his Twitter account, that the user privacy is not for sale, and that human rights should not be compromised by the fear of greed.

This certainly speaks very well of the company, which opted for maintaining the privacy of the users at the expense of the lock in one of the countries that most active users have the application.

As well, Pavel Durov mentioned that in the near future applications of Telegram and Telegram X will have features anti-native, but that the 100% availability of the service is not guaranteed without the use of a VPN.

The same channel Telegram recommended some VPN services that you can use without problems to maintain active communications within the application. And, similarly, recommend to wait for the updates from the App Store and Play Store so that users can continue using the service without problem.

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This is not the way to end terrorism

What is really worrying is that in the Uk is looking to do the same thing with Telegram and WhatsApp under the same argument anti-terrorism, however, the CEO of Telegram argued that the terrorists will always find ways of staying connected by means of other encrypted application, or even creating their own messaging service.

Of time, the blocking of Telegram will not be extended to other countries, but what is worrying is that it can be the first step so that other governments will be encouraged to do the same.