Blue Origin launches into space with a successful capsule with windows for tourists

Blue Origin successfully launched for the first time the version 2.0 of its capsule suborbital tripulable, a prototype which features large windows for the enjoyment of future space tourists. The aerospace company, owned by the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, launched the vehicle at the top of a pitcher reinforced New Shepard this 12 of December from its launch site in west Texas, with a test dummy aboard. In addition, the mission also carried 12 payloads for commercial, research and education.

The Crew Capsule 2.0 reached a maximum altitude of 99,39 kilometers, just below the space limit of 100 kilometres an internationally-recognized, while the throttle reached a maximum altitude 99.27 kilometers. On its return, the capsule returns by parachute and the rocket with a returned motor controlled.

The New Shepard is a launcher vertical reusable, which consists of a capsule is pressurized on one propeller. It is being developed by Blue Origin as a trading system capable of carrying a crew of six for space tourism suborbital.

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