Blue screen of death reason for delay Jump Creators Update

Microsoft has the release of the latest major Windows 10 update is delayed because of a bug that so-called blue screens of death could cause blue screens with error messages that the computer freeze up.

10 last april would Jump Creators Update to be officially rolled out to Windows 10 machines, but at the last moment withdrawn by Microsoft. It was not clear exactly what was the cause of delaying the major update, but The Verge has some more details released.

Blocking Bug

In many cases, a so-called blocking bug for bsod screens (blue screen of death), cause the computer to, during or after the update to the Jump Creators Update can completely crash. Exact details about what exactly goes wrong, Microsoft does not, however, free. The company is now working on a complete new Spring Creators Update, where the above bug is minor..

No patch

Normally, Microsoft releases an additional patch from that bug can be fix after a major Windows 10 update, but in the case of this update, Microsoft brings a completely new version of the Spring Creators Update. This update also includes a new build version (17134). This update is also, Windows 10 April 2018 Update is called, which the company seems to be moving away from the ‘Creators’designation for this update.


It is not known when Microsoft made the revised update rolling out to Windows 10 computers, that the company provides no additional information. It could just be that the update only at the end of this month.

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