‘Fine’ for illegal downloading: 150 euro

With the illegal downloading of films, Dutch Filmworks course you will risk to make a settlement proposal of € 150 will be sent to get.

That makes the film distributor announced today. That proposal is, in fact, no penalty. But, you pay the amount, then take Dutch Filmworks possible legal action against you. 150 euro seems still to fall. Earlier was talking about ‘several hundred euros’, such as, for example, is the case in Germany.

“The settlement proposal is very reasonable, certainly in proportion with the amounts in surrounding countries demands for illegal downloads,” says Willem Pruijssers of Dutch Filmworks. The amount may in the future be even further increased.


The German Tecxpio helps Dutch Filmworks in the collection of IP addresses, for which the Authority for Personal data recently granted. The film can thus be contacting providers to your identity.

A bright spot for internetpiraten: Dutch Filmworks makes in advance always known which films exactly in the holes are held. Currently, that only The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Something to keep in mind, so.

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