Practical jokes: A man denounces the disappearance of his wife and the lia with the questions of the police

The police there are times when he has to face cases really strange. On this occasion, a couple was shopping in a supermarket when, suddenly, the husband realized that his wife was going to mounted in your vehicle. The husband was speechless and immediately called security.

When the sergeant of the police came, examined the area and took a look at the security cameras of the establishment. According to the video, the woman seemed to have mounted in your car, what seemed strange was that he had gone away without her husband. To clear your doubts, decided to question the man and ask the following questions.

Bromas Pesadas: Un hombre denuncia la desaparición de su mujer y la lía con las preguntas de la policía
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– Sergeant: how tall is your wife?
– Husband: Go, I’m not sure. Something more than a meter and a half.

– Sergeant: how Much do you weigh more or less?
– Husband: I don’t know. It is not very thin, nor too fat.
– Sergeant: what color has your eyes?
– Husband: I Think that brown, the truth is that I have never set well.
– Sergeant: And what about your hair color?
– Husband: Changes a couple times a year. Maybe now I have dark brown. I do not remember.
– Sergeant: What he was wearing?
– Husband: I Think that pants, although maybe it was a skirt or any of their thousands of dresses. I don’t know exactly.
– Sergeant: what car was assembled?
– Husband: He rode in my Jeep
– Sergeant: And what kind of Jeep was it?
– Husband: it Was a Jeep, 2016, colour-white, wheels 45,7 cm (18″) of aluminum Polished Silver and Gloss Black surround, headlights-xenon Delta Quad Bar, radiator Rubicon, developer trinity t-1000, axes of transmission 1350 RE, seats-folding, system 4×4 Active Drive Low, mastery off-road, charging ports and connectivity, multifunction steering wheel, system unconnect with audio for bluetooth, browser, gps with mapping in 3D, LED-display 17.8 cm, that is to say, 7-inch, in the box of instruments, warning lane departure, forward collision and blind spot, rear view camera, cruise control adaptive, automatic ignition of lights…

At that time the husband began to shortness of breath, and the sergeant decided to cut.

– Sergeant: don’t worry friend, we will find your Jeep.

Bromas Pesadas: Un hombre denuncia la desaparición de su mujer y la lía con las preguntas de la policía

Since then, there are husbands that it is better to flee before it is too late.

What you would have imagined the ending of this story? It let us know in the comments!

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