Browser-extension allows the internet disappear

Websites attract like to you attention. Screaming headlines, intrusive ads, and just about any message on social media. It is all a bit too much, install Nothing on the Internet-extension.

Nothing on the Internet for Chrome and Safari with a press of a button the internet largely disappear. The only thing left is a structure without content. The creators call the internet ‘without content is clean, pure and serene’.

Because, so say the designers: “With a single click, everything disappears from the internet that our greatest fears and superficial desires feeds. And thus all the noise and clutter that so much time in our ‘busy’ lives to occupy”.


A bit pretentious with a big wink, so. But there’s some in, isn’t it? When you have the internet back want, you just click on the button again. Download the extension here for Chrome and here for Safari.

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