Each year the norwegians constructed the same city, but it is not a common place and current: it is made with gingerbread cookies

Each year, in mid-November, in Bergen, there appears a unusual city. Right on the main square of this city norway grows a settlement, created 100 percent of a material delicious: gingerbread cookies.

Great.guru recommends to all over the world visit this place even if it’s online, on the whole, if you do not feel tempers holidays.

This beautiful tradition was born in 1991 and since then each year the children of kindergartens and schools, as well as anyone who wishes to participate in the construction of the city of gingerbread cookies world’s largest, called Pepperkakebyen.

Despite the fact that Pepperkakebyen is a city in miniature, is anything but small: it has 2000 buildings, which makes the city of ginger, the world’s largest.

Here not only you can admire buildings of ginger of all kinds: between the shores of ginger flows to a river with boats aromatic and the streets roll cars edible. The railroad is not gingerbread cookies, but it is fully functional and does not stop spinning.

It is not surprising that the miniature version of Bergen annually attracts up to 100 thousand people.

The city of ginger is one of the most popular attractions in Bergen. Entry to the exhibition is not free. However, if you provide something in the development of the infrastructure of gingerbread cookies and you give a little ginger, you’re not going to need any ticket.

The profits from ticket sales are donated to charities for children: Redd Barna, SOS Children’s Villages and Children at Risk Foundation.

Pepperkakebyen love to both children and adults. The first want to take a look at this magical village, and second, to remember his childhood.

We are sure that this good tradition will exist in Bergen for many more years. In your country there is a tradition special? It tell us in the comments!

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