Rat race: The video that shows the brutal truth about the ‘happiness’ of the society in less than 5 minutes

What do you mean the happiness? We tend to seek it in material things, substances and professional achievements, but often we lose vision of what really matters in the process of being able to achieve it.

Carrera de Ratas: El vídeo que muestra la brutal verdad sobre la 'felicidad' de la sociedad en menos de 5 minutos

The artist and animator in london, Steve Cutts, it is appropriate to carefully analyze this “rat race” in which we all find ourselves immersed in one way or another.

Images that show our current sources of happiness in a new short film satirical that describes how to operate the rats, in which we have become, in the eyes of the system of life established. The series is entitled as such a thing mysterious, and always pursue, “Happiness“.

Take just 4 minutes of your busy day and contemplate the next video clip.

[embedded content]

Now how do you think to continue your life? Despite what is shown on the video, not we are all rats trapped in a society without judgment.

On the contrary, if you need a help to change your life, try these tips to lead a healthier and happier life:

Choose foods natural and fresh. Follow a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables can improve your mood and increase happiness. So that reduces the intake of processed foods, and consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins and healthy fats such as coconut oil and avocado.

Carrera de Ratas: El vídeo que muestra la brutal verdad sobre la 'felicidad' de la sociedad en menos de 5 minutos

Performed 30 minutes of exercise every day. Poor health can make you feel unhappy, either by a poor diet or lack of exercise. So I strive to exercise every day, even if you only have time to perform basic exercises, like walking to work, do exercises in the saddle and climb the stairs instead of the elevator.

Reserve a time to relax. Take regular breaks to reduce stress and take care of yourself could make you more happy. Do exercises of meditation and breathing whenever possible, and be sure to sleep at least 7 hours every night.

And, above all, gives the best of you to others, this will help happiness come before your life. Be good and kind to people who deserves it, does not cost you anything.

And this is all, what has seemed to you? So post your impressions below in the comments section!

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