Catherine Hettinger, the grandmother that one day managed to invent the first Spinner

Probably you have already seen a Fidget Spinner, isn’t it? It is a small toy that almost all children have now that simply rotates in the fingers of the hand. Originally marketed as a device for people with attention problems and to help them concentrate, but it quickly became a new trend.

The business of the Fidget Spinner has grown rapidly in the last few months, gaining tens of millions of dollars in the process. Providers are struggling to meet mass demands, and these toys can get a ticket from 5 euros up to 300 or more.

But there is a person who has not benefited from this rise in popularity. And that is the inventor of the Fidget Spinner.

Catherine Hettinger, la abuela que un día consiguió inventar el primer Spinner
Richard Luscombe/The Guardian

Catherine Hettinger, a lady from Florida, has not received a penny from that brought to light its invention almost two decades ago. She had the patent of the Fidget Spinner for eight years, until 2005, when he had to be transferred because it could not afford the 400 dollars that it cost the renewal.

“It just didn’t have the money. It is very simple,” he said.

The patent was picked up by another company, which then produced and sold, creating a new must-have accessory.

While large companies benefit from their invention, she has to fight to get to the end of the month.

“Several people have asked me: aren’t you really angry? But for me I am pleased that something that I created is something that people understand and it really works for them,” he said.

Catherine Hettinger, la abuela que un día consiguió inventar el primer Spinner

“To be an inventor is a challenge,” says Hettinger. “Only around 3% of inventions make money. I have seen other inventors mortgage their homes and losing a lot. You’re looking for roommates, you get help from friends and family… it Is difficult.”

To Hettinger came up with the idea in the 90’s, when I suffered an autoimmune disorder that causes weakness in the muscles. Also the caregiver of her 3 year old daughter and wanted to do things with her, but it was difficult. So I had to invent something to entretenerla.

But even so, Catherine Hettinger does not feel any resentment towards the empire of the Fidget Spinner and the millions of dollars that they have accumulated. She continues to work in the world of engineering to earn money and says that he does not regret having left the patent.

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