Chrome will start blocking those annoying ads in February

Google has announced that their ad blocker to your Chrome browser will activate the next February 15, in order to avoid the appearance of ads that do not meet the requirements requested, and will affect even those who belong to or are served by Google itself through their service DFP.

The company explains on its developer blog that Chrome will remove all the ads from those sites that to maintain for more than 30 days a status “failed” in their service Ad Experience. That is to say, will not block those ads that do not comply with the quality requirements of Coalition for Better Ads, but all ads on those web sites that contain this type of creative advertising. Companies will be able to adapt to the guidelines and request a review of their advertisements prior to the expiration date to avoid losing their income.

The chosen date is found between the planned releases of Chrome 64 on January 23, and Chrome 65 6 march, which seems to suggest that the activation of blocking does not depend on the version of the browser, but that will be enabled or disabled remotely by Google.

How and what ads are considered annoying or of poor quality by the Coalition for Better Ads? In the computer would be popups, video ads with sound preactivated, ads large that they remain on the page while you scroll and creatives that appear before you can access the page and with a counter that prevents to close to take a few seconds. In the mobile the restrictions are more severe. In addition to the above, is to prohibit advertisements that occupy more than 30% of the page, or those that change rapidly and background colors to draw attention.

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