Scientists told which habits betray you to the psychopaths

Psychopaths receive the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, which can be characterised by different kinds of behavior that differ from the way of life to which we are accustomed. If, for example, notes that your partner likes the food bitter, and at the same time does not react to a yawn of others, is a reason to get you to think if you really know that person. proposes you carefully study this list for to observe yourself and the people around you and determine if some of the aspects that we will mention are present in them.

1. More active at night than during the day

Scientist Peter Jonason, of the Western Sydney University in Australia, undertook with his colleagues a series of investigations that studied the cronotipos of people that fit into the category of the so-called “triad dark”. Includes personality traits such as political opportunism, narcissism and psychopathy. As a result of this study the following data was obtained: the absolute majority of subjects had a cronotipo night. Although, among psychopaths, this feature was observed more on the types of side in the primary.

Not found “larks” between them. These studies showed that people with mental health problems prefer to lead a lifestyle that night, but don’t get confused and say that all the “owls” are psychopaths.

2. Don’t get the yawns of others

Psychopathy is characterized by a style of life antisocial and selfish behaviour, manipulative, impulsive, reckless, callous, dominant and, especially, devoid of empathy. This last feature was studied by Brian Rundle, of Baylor University, who conducted experiments that studied the ability of psychopaths to get the yawn of another.

The subjects of the experiment were 135 students of both sexes. Before you begin, they conducted a personality test to detect signs associated with psychopathy in adults. All of the participants underwent to observe a yawn. As a result, it was discovered that people mentally sick do not experience the reflection of the contagion of such a gesture.

3. I like bitter flavors

There is a close relationship between the system of taste and the characteristics of the personality. Preferences for bitter tastes are associated positively with traits of antisocial personality. To this conclusion came Christina Sagioglou and Tobias Greitemeyer, University of Innsbruck, Austria.

They conducted two studies involving people who previously were evaluated in terms of levels of political opportunism, narcissism and sadism everyday. The results obtained showed that the persons with the signs, most stable of psychopathy preferred sour foods with acids, sweet and salty.

4. Messy in sex

Psychopaths have the ability to enchant. Can also take someone to bed easily, but they are not interested in the obligations once they get there. In addition, they like to experience strong emotions, and try new things. Studies performed at the University of London showed that psychopaths were more promiscuous, and not with commitment. For a psychopath intimacy is, rather, a game and a way to satisfy the ego, things that are not related to the feelings of the other person.

5. Unpredictable in their actions

People with traits psychopaths often are fickle in their relationships and opinions: they change their views depending on the situation so fast that you don’t get to follow the course of his thoughts. When you perform any task, can change the members of the team many times, and the same is referred to the moving of the sites work.

Psychologists canadian, Paul Babiak and Robert Haire (Robert Hare), the authors of the book “Snakes in suits: when psychopaths go to work”, noted that the transition of a colleague’s friendly to a stranger cold and unmoved at the suffering such mental illness is very fast. These changes generally astonish and grab an unsuspecting partner.

6. They do not set realistic goals for long-term

Psychopaths are considered to be people who are determined, but in the long-term planning use the approach of “carpe diem”, considering that one must live in the here and now, instead of planning for a distant future. You are not able to justify the understanding of your life in reality.

In the book “Snakes in suits: when psychopaths go to work”, gives an example of a conversation with a psychopath imprisoned. In the talk, they may say that they want to be astronauts, ninjas or FBI agents. Despite the fact that, many times, are things that have been said in jest, in reality, this situation shows how irresponsible you are with your future.

7. They feel good under the command of a chief cruel

In your place of work, employees react differently to management styles to be offensive, in part due to their different levels of psychopathy, according to a study from the University of Notre Dame. Those suffering from the disease in the first level do not feel empathy, they are cold-blooded and reckless. Do not show any reaction to events that to others they cause discomfort, fear, stress, or anger.

As a result of the investigation, it was determined that people with primary signs of psychopathy work best under the command of a chief strict. In comparison with other subjects, they felt less negative, more participatory and more calm under these conditions.

8. Do not know laugh at themselves, but deride the other

Rene Proyer and his colleagues of the University of Zurich, studied the connection of the sense of humor with personality traits psychopathic. Based on the results of a survey of 233 adults, the mental abnormalities are associated strongly with the pleasure of laughing at others, which is explained by a form of life-a manipulative, impulsive and heartless.

The psychopathic traits more pronounced are characterized by the bad humor and inability to laugh at themselves. Also had a great fear of others ridiculizaran, therefore, produced a defensive reaction, as manifested in a life-style manipulator.

9. Rarely show signs of fear in the face

Miloš Stanković and his colleagues of the Central Institute of Mental Health studied the recognition of facial expression of emotions in psychopaths. The study involved 48 men aged between 24 and 40 years. As stimuli, we used photographs in black-and-white that had two purposes: to frighten or surprise you.

The results demonstrated that criminal characteristics are associated with a reduced facial expression of surprise, but not necessarily with a psychopathy, while a demonstration reduced the signs of fear is associated with this mental illness, but not with the criminals. Therefore, we can say that one of the distinctive traits of the people mentally ill is the inability to express fear through their gestures.

10. For them, the laughter of the other is not contagious

For most people, laughter is very contagious. It is almost impossible to hear or see how someone else laugh and not feel the urge to join him. But people with tendencies psychopaths show a destructive behavior, persistent along with traits devoid of emotions.

Essi Viding, together with colleagues from the University College of London, conducted a research on 62 adolescent males. The results showed that the children who were a destructive behavior combined with a high degree of cruelty showed less of a tendency to join in the general laughter.

11. They take many selfies

A scientific work of the University of Ohio has shown that those who post selfies all day are more prone to narcissism and psychopathy. Edit your own pictures before uploading to the network denotes problems autocosificación, but can not give an account of a high degree of psychopathic personality, because one of its main characteristics is impulsivity.

The lead author of the research, Jesse Fox, said that, despite the results, we should not think that all who take lot of selfies are psychopaths. For an accurate diagnosis there are other signs of abnormalities.

Of course, the presence of one, or even two signs of our list, doesn’t mean your family or you are psychopaths. But, on the whole, may indicate that a person has some deviations, and you need the help of a competent specialist.

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