Scientists have provided a new series of curious data about women and they are really very amazing

We already know a lot about women: they have a sense of smell more acute, a most developed sense of intuition, and even, they have established a relationship between the bra size and the intellect of their owns. However, psychologists and other people related to the science continue until the day of today, dealing with the enigmas and the capabilities of the perfect half of mankind. And what is more important is that every day there are still more theories that revolve around them. collected a few interesting research projects, which will help all to understand women better and, at the same time, will teach them something new about his nature.

1. While less clothes use a woman, the more chance you have of living longer

Some british scientists came to this strange conclusion when conducting a study in which participated more than 5 thousand women over the age of 70 years. There are some theories that explain such a link, but the most amazing drift of the chemical. To be more exact, it is the balance of chemical compounds that stay in the clothes after washing and, subsequently, react with sweat, causing harmful elements that adversely affect health.

2. The visual impairment of women is much higher than that of men

Clearly, there are behaviors and natural factors that increase the risk of the occurrence of health problems beyond the importance of the gender of the person. However, there are also specific nuances that may be of importance for women. In the first place, this is associated with higher life expectancy, and it is no secret to anyone that many eye diseases are due to the age. On the other hand, some conditions are more frequently found in women by its nature. For example, the dry eye syndrome, which is believed is related to the hormones (in men, is less common of two to three times).

3. The blonde hair is an indicator of fertility

A blonde hair is a direct indicator of a high estrogen level in the blood, which plays a very important role in the sexuality and the reproductive development predominantly in women. Therefore, it is not surprising that the blondes have a higher fertility. By the way, thanks to this hormone is formed the stereotype about the low intelligence of women with that color hair: in reality, talking about a mentality purely female, which, thanks to estrogen, is dominated by the emotions, intuition, and feelings.

After the birth of the first son, the hair of blonde women darkens given that the level of the hormone mentioned in the blood drops. This still obscures so much more after the other pregnancies. By the way, decreasing the amount of estrogen makes the amount of female blondes over 30 years is very little.

4. The love of women towards the color pink got it from their ancestors

It is generally believed that this predisposition of the girls to the pink color, probably, inherited from their ancestors through the female line, which is engaged in any type of collection of fruits and berries. The work of women was of great importance to maintain the health and the life of his offspring, therefore, they were forced to learn how to distinguish a ripe fruit from an unripe, and to notice them at a distance and faster than the others. In general, it is no secret to anyone that the palette of colors that the ladies distinguish themselves is much richer than that of men and, between them, practically there is no color blindness.

5. The scent of the man beloved reassures women

New psychological studies scientists from the University of British Columbia discovered that the smell of the loved one helps to reduce the level of stress.

In the experiment involved 96 couples. The men were given t-shirts new that they had to use for a day. After, were distributed among the women, of course, without explaining who was the clothing which they had delivered. As a result, it was found that those girls who touched the t-shirt of your own partner, experienced a lower level of stress during a test. And that you breathed in a strange smell, by contrast, had an increase of cortisone (the stress hormone) and it felt a lot more nervous and tired.

6. When talking, the women receive a real pleasure

It is well known that women speak 3 times more than men, pronouncing, for example, 20 thousand word a day against the 7 thousand they say. However, it turned out that this not only is linked to the banal love to the rumors. In reality, the girls receive pleasure from the sound of your own voice.

In the book “The Female Brain,” psychiatrist Louann Brizendine says that in the brain of women are more the cells responsible for the functions of speech. Because of that, a simple act of oral releases hormones that lead to the same feeling of euphoria and happiness that is a long wait for a smoker to smoke a cigarette.

7. Women have a weakness towards animals because they remind them of their children

Do you remember the feeling of tenderness that you experience when you see a small child? Women are literally ready to cry to see a little beauty. The proportion of the faces of the children differ too much from adults: large eyes, a high forehead, plump cheeks and small chin. All of these external cues unconsciously do that in front of women, a creature helpless in need of protection.

The animals, by a casual will have the same proportions (for example, cats, raccoons, rabbits, dogs of small breeds, among others), which create the same impressions of a puppy’s fragile that needs protection. In addition, they are able to save a attitude tender virtually throughout his life: some of them did not change with age and that is not something you can say about the children. In the end, it is understandable that such a paradox is directly related to the echoes of the maternal instinct, which is strengthened even more by the inclination of modern people humanize pets.

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