Scientists have received the Nobel Prize for a formula that allows you to find the ideal partner

In the year 1962, two scientists developed a love formula that allowed to form couples harmonious. A third scientist had perfected the formula, and he won the Nobel Prize in 2012. will show you how to use this algorithm that allows to find a compatible pair without having to modify the expectations of their own.

Step 1. Defines what is important to you in a person

Divide an A4 sheet into 2 columns. In the first, write down 5 qualities that your ideal partner must have yes or yes. In the second, 5 qualities of another person, with whom it would be difficult to get along well.

Step 2. Choose the ones that are supported by 99 percent

Of all those who surround you at this time, you choose the person more attractive, guiding you through your list. Maybe luck is on your side and you find the love of your life right away. It is important that you also be as close as possible to the ideal of that person.

Step 3. What to do if you have been rejected

If that person rejects you, choose someone in your environment that will also be attractive and have the qualities correct. Do not forget to work on yourself: that will increase your attractiveness in the eyes of a possible partner.

4. Don’t settle for less and don’t go back to the past

Choose your potential partner only among persons that have at least 75 percent of the positive qualities from your list. So there will be big chances that the love remains even when the passion is finished. Do not give in to the temptations and pressure from others.

If the union with that person disintegrates, it starts from step one. Enjoy the singleness and expand your circle of acquaintances.

How this works for different people?

Imagine a group of 3 women and 3 men. So you can see his list of preferences:

Everyone will know exactly what is important to them in their potential partner, and on that basis formulate their preferences. Laura and Zoe were like the three men, to Sophia, only two. And Alberto just likes Sofia.

First, each woman shows sympathy for the man who is first in your list:

The men, at the beginning, also show sympathy for the women that are for them in the first place:

Unfortunately, there is still no couples, because there is no mutual sympathy. Now, women are showing interest for the first two men of the lists:

The men also expand their horizons and courting two beautiful ladies lists. Alberto is still interested only in Sofia:

If a woman is courted by two men that she likes, she will choose the one that is first on your list:

For example, Laura initially had liked Martin, even though she was in second place on your list. And Martin I liked Zoe, but for her it was the last option. Therefore, Martin begins to woo Zoe and Laura at the same time.

Nicholas, in the beginning, he liked Laura. But he was not your favorite. Therefore, as soon as Martin, the favorite of her, begins to woo her, to form a couple.

As a result, there are two stable pairs:

No one chose to Sofia, so for her there is a couple here. Alberto could not make a pair with Sofia, so that he, too, is temporarily only:

So work applications dating: some people will discard immediately, with other converts, but you only know in person favorite

The success lies in the fact that the formula is based on the principle of taking into account the wishes of both parties. A single man form a couple with the woman who is more interested in that union.
Today, this algorithm is used for the selection of schools for the students, for the distribution of doctors in hospitals and even to the search for kidney donors.

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