Scientists revealed 8 reasons why your partner may be unfaithful

The stories about the hoax as told by famous directors or authors of bestsellers are endless as life itself. What happened that your partner decided to do it?What might be missing? Who is to blame? That we ask ourselves whenever we hear something about the infidelity. accumulated opinions of psychologists and results of scientific experiments and you will have the circumstances which increases the risk of a hoax. Lee, surely after these stories about deception you’ll have less questions.

1. Lack of emotional closeness

The lack of opportunity to speak from the heart with your partner and receive words of support not only leads to the betrayal of the woman but also the man. In the society there is a stereotype that the main purpose of man is to have sex. But counsel married Harry Newman in his book “The truth about the betrayal” writes that among their customers, 47 percent of the men who betrayed their wives they stressed a lack of emotional intimacy in the relationship.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the male sex does not have a tendency to express feelings. A woman may not immediately notice or ignore the fact that a man will lack of support.

2. Influence of the experience and the company

If the person has experience to cheat in previous relationships, then there is a high probability that you do this with your current partner. It is very interesting that the company also has a significant influence. In a questionnaire anonymous, more than 75 percent of the men who were participants confessed that their friends also deceiving their wives.

3. Intimate life boring

The lack of new impressions in the inner life is one of the reasons why 70 per cent of men and 49 percent of women betray their partner. It should be noted that the majority of those who responded and pointed out that, in general, is happy in the relationship, since they do not fight so much and do not have misunderstanding

4. Vulnerability due to the crisis of age

In the life of any person there comes the moment in which begins to make the conclusions of the years lived. Some come to the conclusion that all is well, others have the crisis comes of age. At this time, a person is vulnerable to the temptation of the forbidden fruit. Studies show that this often happens at 29, 39 or 49, that is to say, before the start of a new decade.

It is clear that this does not mean that a man of family or of a dear husband suddenly to deceive you when you turn 39 years. Age is only a factor that can influence in all the circumstances that lead to committing a betrayal.

5. Hobby to social networks

In couples where one spends too much time on Twitter or other social networks, the risk of adultery increases markedly, because for those addicted to social networks is waking up early or going to bed later. For them it is normal to see all notifications leaving your other half in solitude.

The popularity of virtual relationships causes scandals and the communication in social networks often becomes in real life. These two factors create an environment conducive to deception.

6. Work and business trips

According to the results of one of the surveys most important on this topic, more than a third of the men who cheat on their partners are men of business, they had some problem at work , or frequently have work-related travel. Among the female sex, the number of respondents who dared to have a relationship in the work is approximately 13 percent. The likelihood of betrayal in the work increases in the 6 to 9 years of marriage, because especially in this period of relationships is more fragile and requires you will have to work more on them.

7. Lack of oxytocin

Oxytocin plays an important role in the formation of support relationships of trust. It is also known as the hormone of hugs, because its level is elevated with touches common to one another, or with kisses. According to the opinion of the scientists, the lack of this hormone may be one of the reasons to cheat on your partner.

In an experiment, some married men were given oxytocin, they were introduced to an attractive woman and proposed acercararse towards her at the distance they want to. Participants who received one dose of this hormone they insisted on a greater distance between them and the woman that those who received a substance placebo.

8. I can not in another way

There are those who do not imagine their lives without the adrenaline produced by the deception. Independentiemenete of the age, experience and other criteria, they betray apologizing that they cannot behave in another way.

The true reasons for this behavior are different for all, are hidden very deep in the subconscious and the visible result is the following: some find it hard to, for them it is almost impossible to be monogamous.

And a couple of words more

The specialists point out that the reason for the betrayal is not often a, but a combination of several of the above factors. In this case, the couples often have to face the infidelity of one of the spouses to preserve the marriage. Some even manage to strengthen the relationship. What do you think? Are there situations in which betrayal can be forgiven?

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