Scientists have revealed the 10 places where it is not a good idea to save your phone

Currently it is difficult to find a person without a phone. And the number of users of cell phones around the world is increasing! We are attached to them and we have them in our hands most of the time. We bring them with us everywhere, even in the shower and in the bed. However, keep your phone in some places it can be dangerous for the device and for your health.

In we created a list of 10 places where you should not save your cell phone ever. Read up to the end of the article to discover why it is better that don’t carry the phone close to your bed.

1. Rear pocket

Indisputably it is very comfortable for you to carry your phone in the back pocket of your pants. But in choosing this place, we can tackle the following problems:

2. Front pocket

Men do not carry a bag, so that it is more likely that carry their phone in a front pocket. But men’s health can be affected by this. The studies have shown that the electromagnetic radiation of a phone adversely affects the quality and quantity of sperm. The more time a man has your phone in the pant, the greater the risk.

3. Bra

In medicine, there is not yet a definitive conclusion about the theory that claims that cell phone radiation causes cancer. But according to some scientists, a phone in the bra of a woman increases the risk of breast cancer. Then it is better not to keep it there.

4. Hip

According to a research, charging your phone near your thigh weakens the bones of the hip. So take care of your skeleton and place the device in a small bag.

5. Close to your skin

Do not keep your cell phone against your complexion. When you do this, the bacteria of the screen and the buttons on the phone are transferred to your face and the electromagnetic radiation is about even more. But then, how can we speak by phone? Leave at least 0.5 and 1.5 cm between the device and your skin.

6. In the charger

No, the phone is charged will not damage your health (except for the electromagnetic radiation if you are close). But it is best not to leave your phone charging during the night. This can shorten their useful life and reduce the efficiency of the battery.

7. Cold places

If it’s cold outside and the temperature drops below zero, take care of your phone. Do not leave for a long time exposed in the street or in the car. The temperature changes are very harmful for electronic devices. When you carry the phone in a warm place, it will form condensation and this can cause problems with the internal details of the phone. If you go out frequently in the cold season, purchase a special case for your phone to be warm.

8. Places that are too hot

High temperatures are also harmful to mail everything. When it’s too hot, it is not recommended to leave the phone in the car or on the beach. In addition, it is better not to keep it to the side of the oven.

9. Car paseador

Moms on-the-go often leave your phone in the car paseadores. Some researchers argue that this is not secure at all. The impact of cell phones on children can be the cause of behavioral problems such as hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder.

10. Under your pillow

Don’t let ever your phone under your pillow. There are several reasons for this:

  • At night, often get all kinds of notifications, causing the screen to glow. The light affects the production of melatonin. All of this leads to problems with sleep, which is very important for the body.
  • During long periods of exposure, the electromagnetic radiation causes headaches and dizziness.

There have been many cases of explosions and fire phones. When you cover your phone with a pillow, you increase the chances of this happening. A telephone emits heat when it is charged and the heat does not escape under the fabric of a pillow. It is better to charge it away from you, your bed and other people.

These tips might seem strange, but your health comes first. Share this article with your friends: have to know about it.

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