Co-founder of WhatsApp makes donation millionaire in another instant messaging application

On repeated occasions we have mentioned that WhatsApp is undoubtedly the instant messaging application most used in the world, and that even with the shortcomings that we find in it, the fact of having been the first to become popular was a lot of to have today more than 100 million daily active users.

But if we have to talk about the competition of WhatsApp surely comes to mind Telegram or WeChat, but if we think about which of these applications could be considered as safe and complete, then we have in the list to Telegram and Signal.

Signal was all the rage some months ago on the Internet after it became known that it was an application used and recommended by Edward Snowden, a former worker of the CIA that revealed a large part of the programs for spying that were implemented in the united States.

This without doubt took off the popularity of Signal, which is presumed to be the instant messaging application more secure of the planet, however, the company itself mentioned in his blog that he has never had more than 7 employees simultaneously, and that your budget does not allow them to have more than 3 developers working full-time, so that the future Signal is hanging by a thread.

Now Edward Snowden announces a app to spy on spies

To resolve the problem have been created, Signal Foundation, a non-profit organization that is financed from the donations of the users, and as mentioned he will not seek sponsorships with companies, advertising or control governments, because the future of the company will depend on its own users.

The company mentions that this is the only way to continue offering a technological alternative of open source code that maintain the privacy of the users and enable a global communication secure, and that is just the reason that there is a born Signal Foundation.

The funny thing, is that it has been Brian Acton, cofounder of WhatsApp, the first to donate an amount millionaire to this foundation, otrogrando 50 million dollars, with which Signal mentioned that you will be able to increase the size of your team, as well as the ambitions of the company.

Brian Acton left Facebook last year, and now he has been thinking about how to better focus your time and energy future in the construction technology non-profit for the public good, as mentioned in the press release.

With this investment it is likely that Signal sound again with force in the market, and is positioned as an interesting alternative to WhatsApp and Telegram, even though it will be the time who we of the reason.

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