Collector found the drug in two cartridges old NES

If there is something that we recognize in the criminal mind (although not so well) is the ability of ingenuity to carry out their plans. Video games have been a part of this type of strategies in which the traffickers store drug through the cartridge to continue to convey illegal goods. In this precise case, a collector named Julian Turner, found packages of the drug in the inner two cartridges of NES.

What were the games you bought? The cartridges that included drug were Rollergames and Golf. Turner was interested in purchasing these games, because he saw that they were PAL versions (Europe and Australia), which implies that this kind of titles are hard to get.

To buy both games, the collector realized that each cartridge weighed more than normal, so decided to weigh them on a digital scale and the result was that weighed up to 50 percent more than a cartridge ordinary.

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Intrigued by the weight of each cartridge, Turner thought it would be a good idea to take them apart and when you open the lids, he found four plastic bags of bright. To see such an unexpected event, has decided to open each package, discovered that it was drugs, so he did not hesitate a second in calling the authorities.

Turner dedicates his time to publish on YouTube to show off all your acquisitions as a collector, so the best thing of all is that the precise moment in which he discovers the drug within their cartridges, it can be appreciated through the video below.

Up until now, has not been specified what type of drug is. However, the police was to perform a review of the market, where Turner got his two titles, although it is said that these bags had been a long time inside the cartridges.

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