Comcast does offer impressive by 21st Century Fox to from Disney

A duel of heavy weights corporate is moving up a level in the united States. After a federal judge’s approval for AT&T to buy Time Warner, the waters moved so much in the mass media scene in the Northern Neighbor moved so much, that Comcast has just launched an offer superlative to acquire 21st Fox and oust once and for all Disney of the operation, with which he has feuded for months.

Court of EU approves purchase of Time Warner by AT&T, what is comes another giant in the streaming?

Comcast, the largest cable provider in the united States and also owns NBCUniversal, has surpassed the offer of Disney, who was of 52,400 million dollars, by 19% to be with the company of Rupert Murdoch that it is made by Fox Entertainment Group (which owns the film production company 20th Century Fox and for the television network Fox), the television channel of payment asian STAR, Sky plc and the National Geographic Society.

The interest of Comcast to be done with 21st Century Fox grew during may and resulted in the acquisition by Disney stop. The conglomerate of cable TV and media, he added that within your offer also includes a premium “very attractive”.

“Although he has not taken a final decision, at this point, the work to fund the offer entirely in money and to make presentations of the key regulator is well advanced,” said Comcast in may, just when I waited for the verdict in the trial of AT&T and Time Warner.

Disney had come to an agreement with the shareholders of 21st Century Fox last December, but the offer of Comcast could transform the scenario for cluster of Mickey and company.

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