How to activate the new design of Google Chrome for Android

Some weeks ago we mentioned that Google was working on a redesign of Chrome for Android, which could benefit users of Chrome beta, however, today Google has released this new design to all users in version 66, and here’s how to activate it.

Obviously that to use it we need to have updated Chrome to version 66, you can wait for the update to appear in the Google Play Store, or you can install the apk of the version directly from this league.

Once you have the new version of Google Chrome, you can access the new design, but it is not enabled by default, so we have to make a few simple steps to enjoy it.

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  • First, open the browser, and in the search bar put the following: chrome://flags.
  • At the top there is a search bar, type the word Modern.
  • Now look for the options “Chrome Modern Design”, tap on the option of “Default”, and change it by “Enabled”.
  • Do the same with the option of “New Media Controls”.
  • Tap on the option of the bottom right to restart the browser.

Chrome rediseño

  • Chrome will open automatically and you will see the new design much more clean and rounded.

On the right side the new design “Modern Design”

Note: I Did the test on two different devices, and in the first you could do without problem with the above-mentioned steps, however, with the second the process was a little different.

If you have any problem to activate the new design, then follow the steps I mentioned above, and then, in the option of “Chrome Modern Design” change the option from “Enabled” by “Default”, restart the browser and the change will be ready.

As you can see, the new redesign takes the name of Modern Design, and can be concerned in the famous Material Design 2.0 that we see on Android P.

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With this new design we see that the square corners become rounded, the icons of the pages you visited-mainly change icons round, the colors are white, everything looks more clean, care and above all, minimalist.

Among the novelties that we find in the version 66 of Google Chrome will be a video player with the functions of YouTube as the double tap to skip forward a few seconds of the video, export the passwords into web and some other interesting features for developers.

Do you like the new redesign of Google Chrome?

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