How to enable and disable the backups in WhatsApp in order to not lose our chats

That WhatsApp is the instant messaging application most used in the world means that many users are not really experts or dominate the application in any sense, then let us remember that not all are experts with technology products, and a large part of the users of this application will likely not know many of its functions, as is the backup of the chats.

The backup are what allows that once we install WhatsApp on our phone or on another computer, the chats still there as we left.

These backups stored our chats in Google Drive (Android users) and iCloud (iOS users), and once we restore our chats get of there the information.

Likewise, this backup can be configured to each point to each how long to do the above backup, so as not to lose any of our conversations.

WhatsApp already notifies you when messages are not written but re-sent

To activate the backup we need to do the following:

  • We go to the “Settings”

  • We then proceeded to the option of “Chat”

  • Look for the menu that says “Backup” or “Backup chats”

  • Here you can see when you made the last backup, and in case you want to activate it we have to choose the option “Save to Google Drive” and then choose the period you want to do the automatic backup.

Here we can disable or enable the backup as many times as you want. If you constantly have to replace your phone, the best thing is that you make the copy on a daily basis, although you also have the option to activate it each time you want by pressing the save button.

It turns out that the chats of WhatsApp are not as safe as we believe

With this you’ll be able to save all the information of your chats in WhatsApp, so if you have an uncle, aunt, or grandparents to whom you can teach how to backup the information of your chats in WhatsApp, insurance will thank you for it.

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