How to affect the smartphones to your relationship: We have answers

Couples and their smartphones, they are often an equation incendiary. Of course that does not apply to all, but to see that it is not a little thing, Kaspersky Lab conducted a survey in 18 countries and with more than 18 thousand participants addressing this temita , and the results are somewhat chilling.

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To make your study, Kaspersky Lab chose exclusively to couples with more than 6 months of stable relationship, all of legal age, and they did ask questions about how to conceive of the management of smartphones by their partners, and what actions they undertook them. So more or less left the matter.

For starters, 72 percent of respondents said that has nothing to hide from your partner in the content of your conversations and your phone in general, but 61 per cent stated that they did not want their partner to check your device.

To continue, at least 55% of the couples have been discussed by the overuse of devices, which highlight that even though these often help to bring to the couples, they can also separate them and put at risk a relationship.

And in case outside little, of the total respondents, 33 percent stated that they have discussed for you to discover your partner checking your device.

“Couples end up discovering these detectives home with the hands in the mass, whether as a result of a discussion or just when they go for the materials involved. A third of those interviewed admitted to have discussed by the fact that your partner has seen information that would not have seen”, indicates Kaspersky in his blog.

On the bright side, you must also know that 8 out of every 10 people stay in contact with your partner when they are far away and the 62% of people indicated that communicating through gadgets and the Internet helps them to feel closer to your partner, especially to persons in a dating relationship, but not living together (75%).

And the data is more optimistic is that the 53% of people said that their relationship has improved since they share their activities online. Clearly, there are positive aspects in the use of technology, but there are also some negative aspects that should be considered.

Kaspersky points out that 12 per cent of the respondents has made or has considered making public the private information of your partner after ending a relationship.

One out of every five indicates that after the rupture continues to spying on their partner for social networks, and 10 per cent of the abandoned and confessed to having paid online with money from your ex, because in one of your accounts was set up the payment method, and even for hysteria.

Of these people, they were the men, with 17 percent, the most in seeking to punish their partners by exposing the material private. In the case of women corresponds to a 8 percent of respondents.

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