How would some famous people if they were to remove its main feature

The images of some movie characters have been burned so strong in our mind, that it seems that we cannot imagine otherwise. But what would happen if I change those hairstyles or outfits as known to us? wanted to do some pranks and to experiment with the appearance of these characters as well known. We must tell you that it came out pretty extravagant and bold, it is better to see for yourself.

Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow looks like a real rastaman: dreadlocks with bracelets, scarf, braids, and beard. We decided to give the character a bit of brightness, brush, alaciamos her hair and cut her hair in pigtails. It is not that we got as a charm, however, has been pretty fun, it seems that our pirate is surprised by such a metamorphosis.

Voldemort, the saga of Harry Potter

For the main villain among all the magicians and sorceresses life has not been easy, probably for this reason Voldemort in his best time he lost the hair. We have restored the injustice cosmic and along with this we return to the nose. Looks completely different, isn’t it?

Joker, Batman: the dark knight

There is No doubt that the Joker played by Heath Ledger came out great, say what you say, your makeup looks not so perfect. We couldn’t resist and did a little bit of magic in the face of the Joker, was very good, but no longer looks so frightening.

Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown, Back to the future

If they ask you to imagine a mad scientist, surely it will happen for Doc Brown from the movie Back to the future thanks to his peculiar hair. It turns out that here is hidden a great part of the success of this image: googly-eyed with a court-ordered and already looks less impressive.

Dumbledore, the saga of Harry Potter

Professor Dumbledore, unlike his old friend Tom Riddle, his advanced age kept a hair dense and long beard. We cut a little bit both things, we’ve taken away their lenses and… we have verified that the image of Dumbledore is perfect, he does not need any changes.


For our experiment, we chose the Superman of the old school with his classic costume of blue and red color which is perfect. Unfortunately, much as we burlemos of the holder of the boxer briefs red and the layer, to be exempted from its main features, do not lose that touch of masculinity.

Leeloo, The fifth element

How can you imagine Leelooo with another hair color that is not red? We tested and we found that Luc Besson chose everything so perfect, there is nothing to remove or add.

Legolas, the lord of The rings

It seems that only Legolas can receive peaceably the title of “The blond more fabulous cinematography of all times and peoples”. A small experiment found that, if he had the dark hair, would also be good, however, it would be more modern. In reality, Orlando Bloom should not play a role in the The lord of the rings, but in the King Arthur.


Among all the superheroes Spider-Man had the luck to be the possessor of suit a more concise and without unnecessary accessories. But, it turns out that the lenses for Spider-Man, are like eyebrows for every girl who follows the fashion: without them, it would be an entirely different superhero in another universe of movies.

Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street

Anyone know the main attributes of Freddy, the legendary assassin known world, who knows no other style more than the use of a sweater with stripes and a hat. However, it has some scars on the face. It was not easy, but we did: we did an alignment and discovered the grimace of the actor Robert Englund. Oh by the way, we got a handsome man as a result!

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