How I decided to sleep 4 hours a day to have time for everything

Not long ago I started to sleep between 2 and 4 hours a day. I sleep enough, I feel healthy and my productivity is at maximum.

Exclusively for the readers of, I will tell you what motivated me to do so.

How slept the geniuses?

They say that Leonardo da Vinci, Nicola Tesla, Salvador Dali and many other geniuses were adept at the sleep polyphasic and slept from 1 to 4 hours a day.

In summary, the sleep polyphasic is when we reduce the time of nocturnal sleep and added a few breaks of 20 to 30 minutes during the day. As a result, we have several additional days of activities a week.

Here you can read more detail about sleep polyphasic.

20-30 minutes long is the phase of quick sleep, when the brain is replenished and relieves stress.

Like most people, I don’t have time for anything. Since I spend several months trying to start my workouts in the pool, but, returning home in the evening, I just lie to see videos in YouTube. Many times I arrive late to the meetings and extension tasks for the next day. I realised that I needed more time and I decided to try the sleep polyphasic.

There are several modes of this dream. You might choose a mode – standard (the most popular), the modality of the genii, or customize them as you like, as I did. My approach is consisted of 4 hours of sleep a night and two breaks of 25 minutes each (after lunch and in the evening after work). This is the calculator that I used.

So this was my pattern of sleep: 4 hours at night and two times of 25 minutes each during the day.

I began right away. In the night I went to sleep at 1.30, instead of, as acostubraba, at 22 to 5.30.

Day 1. The first day went great. Because I released a long time, I did all the household chores, and I wrote my plan of the week. To comply with the regime, she wore ear plugs and covered me eyes. Just after lunch, found a quiet place and I lied down to sleep. The same thing he did when returning to home from work. However, I could not sleep in those 25 minutes.

Here I am doing my break of 25 minutes.

Day 2. Before starting my experience, I talked with the people who could master this way of life. I was warned that they have to spend several weeks for it to become a habit, so that the first two weeks of the new life I’m going to feel like a zombie. I felt it the second day. I felt super tired and emotionally squeezed.

Day 3. As the boundaries between today and tomorrow almost blotted out, the days became a cycle monotonous. The people in the streets appeared and disappeared. But I learned to sleep 25 minutes during my break. However, upon awakening, I felt better.

In the night all kinds of thoughts going through my head, for example “what is all this? Go and sleep. And you’re going to be happy.” It cost Me a lot of work to overcome it and go on my way.

Day 4. The zombie status is turned into something permanent for me. If somebody started talking to me, I could be looking at the horizon without answering anything. Keep the conversation represented too much power for me. Usually, I just sat and stared at a point.

So was my face from the first to the fourth day of the experiment: the skin was pale, appeared a huge dark circles and the eyes were red.

Day 5. The brain begins to get used to. With just close your eyes during the break, I went to sleep at once. I started to wake up before the alarm and felt well rested.

Now I had a lot of time during the nights, so I decided to dedicate it to reading and documentary films. I learned that in Brazil there is the tribe Pirahã, who never sleeps. Once in a while, doze for about 20 minutes, leaning against a tree. They believe that if you sleep a long time, you cease to be yourself. Also, do not like to sleep.

Days 6 and 7. I got used to it completely to the new pattern. Almost every time I woke up I felt as if I had been sleeping for hours, but just spent about 20 minutes. Gone was the heaviness of the head and the working capacity is recovered completely. I began to accomplish more than I could schedule. In the evenings I read, watched movies, went to the gym or to the swimming pool. I stopped taking coffee.

Here’s a look at the list of tasks that I before lunch.

Days 8 to 10. Due to that I could “recharge” my brain time and recover my strength, increased my creativity and resistance. After my daydream, I had the impression that he had passed a whole day. Then he could return to difficult tasks and find a good solution. Returned the color of my face and my eyes were no longer red.

Days 11 to 14. I refused to completely sleep on a fixed schedule. Now my body tells me when it needs rest and is very comfortable. To understand my limit was gradually reducing the hours of my sleep at night. Having two breaks day, I sleep about 2 and a half hours a night. If you would like to decrease my night sleep, you would have to introduce a third break during the day.

Pros and cons


  • Productivity. I comply with all of the day’s work before lunch. I feel that it’s easier for me to tackle the tasks.
  • I sleep without an alarm clock. I realized that I was awake before it sounds the alarm.
  • Healthy food. I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with a full stomach, so I started to eat more healthy and natural. As a result, laziness and heaviness of the afternoon disappeared and I’m ahorrrando as much in breads and burgers.
  • More books and more sports. Now I attain time to my physical and intellectual development. As I read all of the books that was postponed since it was a good time. I go to the gym and to the swimming pool. I do not get sick.


  • No border between the day. It is difficult to appreciate the time as a constant flow. For me the days are a series of sunrises and sunsets. Now people go to sleep and now rise.
  • Nothing of parties or outings with my friends. In addition, the alcohol breaks the pattern.
  • Not good at all for the topic of health. At the beginning of the load to the circulatory systems and the nervous system is very high.


If your life seems like a big list of tasks for which you find time, then sleep polyphasic is what you need. In reality I felt more productive, I got so much free time and now I can do all the work.

But, on the other hand, the whole world lives in the form of single-phase. Friends and family don’t understand when they say “no” to another outlet, or ask them to put in pause the movie, because came the hour of your rest.

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