How to detect the weaknesses of a person based on their social networks

Our publications in social networks are studied by potential employers and human resources managers. Our ex boyfriends and the ex of our bride and groom today visit our pages. Our accounts are thoroughly studied by specialists of bank before taking the decision of granting a loan. And we do not hesitate to provide information about ourselves, without thinking about the weaknesses that this can expose to the world.

Social psychologists are convinced: any publication is a definite message for the world. And the lack of messages also. examined the main types of users in social networks and what weaknesses can reveal your profile.

1. The reserved user

The owner of an account of this type does not provide a lot of information about it even to their friends. In your account there are only a few photos, and subscriptions to pages. What is more likely is that in this case is an introverted person who has difficulty to brag about your life and share information about themselves.

In addition, a type of behavior so withheld may indicate that the user is experiencing emotional difficulties. It is possible that a person may be depressed and not want to get in contact with the world.

2. We are a happy couple

Psychologists are convinced that those who frequently share photos together in social networks, in fact, feel unsafe in their relationships. The abundance of photos joint of the couple shows the need to convince everyone that you are happy and loved. This can be a message to the former, potential rivals, or friends who are less fortunate.

Happy couples don’t get distracted with social networks to show consistently to the world how happy they are and how they enjoy one another. You just don’t see the sense.

3. Miss/Mr. Selfie

A lot of selfies in the profile indicates a low self-esteem of the user. And also selfishness. “Look who is in the center of the world”, they transmit these publications. The owner of that account needs a great amount of recognition and approval of others in the form of “likes” and comments flattering. And you try to convince yourself that it is really cute.

4. “My life is a success”

When you look at the photo of a user in social networks it seems that his life is an idyll radiant and a complete happiness. One after another appear to be images of a good life. Each says: “Look at life so happy and busy I have! Look at all that I can afford!”

Behind these images is the desire to make others feel envy by their wealth and position. And often such a demonstration of a “good life” is only an attempt to escape oneself and feeling of lack of sense of everything that is going on.

5. “LiveJournal”

This user is sharing on your recipes page, news, images, mood, details of his life and personal photos. Psychologists say that the way you post says that its author is feeling lonely and rejected by society, or that he is scared and tries to fit in all over the world.

If the page is full of reposteos of articles of others, thoughts and quotes of other people, it is an indicator that the user is hardly a creative person and prefer to play other people’s ideas. Another option is to be shy and just be embarrassed to demonstrate in public.

6. #SoyMadre

The page is filled with photos of the child, the evidence of their achievements, to first words and steps, development classes with him, the videos of the kindergarten, and more. What is more likely is that the owner of the profile you want to convince others and himself in the first place that there is life during maternity leave.

This is an attempt of self-promotion and self-affirmation social through the child. But you can not avoid to realize that this mother forgot herself and that, in addition to being a mother, still a woman, a wife, and a professional. If you are the owner of this account, it is important to ask from time to time: “Where am I in all this? What is it that I want? What’s the dream?”

7. Miss/Mr. Perfect body

In these profiles you will see the sporty body perfect, filmed from the best angles. And we’re not talking about professional athletes, but ordinary people, obsessed with their appearance.

This is an indicator that a person is not satisfied with her body and, perhaps, has a distorted image of itself. Such people need to be improved continuously. And so it uses the sports training, surgery, plastic surgery and diets. And it is also a form of competition. It seems that the owner of the account question: “do you Have these cubes in your belly, these biceps and triceps?”

8. Miss/Mr. Sexy

In these accounts you can see many photos of the owners of the pages at the angle more favorable, and often half-naked. The girls send the message: “I Am in an active search”. And regardless of the sex, this indicates a low self-esteem and that the owner of the profile yearns for approval and that will put “I like”.

9. “The soul of the party”

If there are many photos of this type in the profile, this is an indicator that the account owner likes to belong to some social sector, be accepted and recognized by this group of people. This is your way of social promotion. And it is also an indicator of inner emptiness and loneliness.

The abundance of such images at the age of 30 years may be an indicator of infantilism. After all, it’s typical for teens to find a group of people and their place in it.

It may seem that almost all of our publications or their absence are a diagnosis. In fact, this is not so. Psychologists believe that if a person does not usually change much in your avatar, not post photos, repetitive, and prefers to live life to the fullest instead of looking through the glossy screen of the gadget, this indicates your maturity and that you always have a high self-esteem.

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