How to earn money easily to buy apps, games, movies, and more on Android

Surely you remember that recently we shared with you some applications with which you could earn money thanks to surveys or other services, well, in this occasion we will talk about a similar situation, but that the profit will be get credits to buy apps, music, books or movies in the Play Store.

Surely you already know this app, and if it is not, therefore we’ll show you how to use it, because it’s Google Opinion Rewards or Rewards of Google, which gives you credit in the Google Play by answering some questions.

The app is available exclusively for Android, so as I have mentioned previously, here the payment is in credits to buy apps, music, books or movies in the Play Store.

Once you download the application we have to select the Google account that we are going to use the service and ready. Google will use all the data that you already collect it as the location history or the search and playback of content on Youtube to ask you questions about it.

These will be the prices of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium in Mexico

For example, if you constantly go to a public square and Google will ask you what local you visited, and if you choose any one of them will want to know what was your experience on the site, and according to your answers is that you will receive a bonus.

As mentioned by Google, the questions are paid differently, and according to the information of the company, there will be surveys that could pay up to 240 pesos in credits for Google Play, which is more than what it costs on average a movie on HD at the Google store.

What can I do to earn more money?

Here we leave some recommendations that you can consider in order for Google to send you more surveys and therefore earn more money, however, remember that this can vary depending on the user.

  • Don’t lie: Google has mentioned that they also send you surveys fake to detect users who do not speak the truth, and then stop sending surveys.
  • Keep enabled location history on your device: If this option is disabled, Google will not know which places to visits.
  • Visit commercial Centers, public spaces, or sites with many shops: Many surveys are about the experience of visiting a place, so the more places you visit, the more likely you are to receive a survey.
  • Keep active search history and reproductions of Youtube.

These are some recommendations that you may have to earn money in Google Opinion Reward, so download the application and enjoy your rewards.

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