How J. K. Rowling imagined the characters in “Harry Potter” and how they were represented in the film

Joanne Rowling introduced us to the world of Harry Potter, and filled it with a lot of mysteries. On some of them speaks to the author herself, being the last book of the saga is already finished. On other, the fans find out on their own and others so many are right in front of our eyes. For example, despite the fact that the Harry Potter films became works of worship, some of their characters are somewhat different to the way they were displayed.

In we feel, curious to see how different are the characters in the book of their brothers film. Do you also want to know about it?

For example, did you know that when you wrote the book professor Snape had 30 years ago? Tell us what you think in the comments.

1. Harry Potter: tousled and green eyes

Harry inherited the green eyes of her mother and the hair disheveled, impossible to control, his father. These important details is unfortunately not reflected in the film. Although, of course, Daniel Radcliffe did a great job playing the little wizard, even with your own eye color.

2. Hermione: hair lush and front teeth long

Hermione is, in part, a self-portrait of one’s own Joanne Rowling at the age of 11. The author chose as the distinctive features of the small pretty a mane of brown hair and large front teeth that were closed a bit in the second grade, when he received the impact of the curse of Malfoy. In contrast, in the film Emma Watson has teeth as small from the beginning.

3. Ron: with a lot of freckles and a nose, elongated

Ron also not spared from the changes. I had to have a long nose and full of freckles, something that has not been seen on Rupert Grint. Thankfully, at least, the hair has followed the canon. Rupert did an impeccable interpretation of the Rum, but why not add some of the missing elements?

4. Severus Snape: when he met Harry, was 31 years old

Alan Rickman was Severus Snape ideally, this nobody can deny. But let us not forget that when it went by the events of the first book, he should not have more than 30 years. Unfortunately all the sequel to sins of raising their age to the characters, what can you do?

5. Dumbledore: blue eyes and glasses half moon

Richard Harris, who played Dumbledore in the first two parts of the sequel, it was clearly more like the book version of the character. But unfortunately did not live long enough to finish the film and its place was occupied by Michael Gambon. All is well with the replacement but, where were the glasses half-moon and blue eyes, without which the image of Dumbledore is not as complete as it could be?

6. Moody: disfigured and virtually no nose

When Alastor “mad-eye“ Moody appears in ”Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”, is described as a man of face very disfigured by scars and without the tip of the nose. In contrast, in the film is perfect, not counting the magic eye and a couple of marks on the face. Does the service of the Auror of the movie will be just as dangerous as that of the book?

7. Krum: tall, thin, hooked nose

Victor Krum was tall, slim and had the hooked nose. He had black hair, eyebrows populated and was clumsy on the land. Except for a bit of black hair, nothing of this is seen in the film. And it’s a shame.

8. Mrs. Dursley: blonde and long neck

In the book, mrs. Dursley had a long neck that allowed him to spy on the neighbors and was of blonde hair, that her son Dudley also inherited. In the movie there is nothing like that.

9. Minerva McGonagall: well younger

When Harry came to Hogwarts for the first time, the professor of transformation was 56 years old. And although Maggie Smith did an impeccable interpretation of Minerva, the character of the book was much, much younger.

10. Dolores Umbridge: like a toad

Professor Umbridge, with her eyes round and bulging eyes, large mouth and white skin and flaking had an obvious resemblance to a toad. The final touch: a little bow like a fly in the short hair brown.

11. Rufus Scrimgeour: like a lion

In the book, thanks to its entrecana mane red and his bearing, Rufus reminded him of a lion. Bespectacled wire and limping. Despite having had disagreements with Harry, Scrimgeour looked like a lion -the symbol of Gryffindor – and was very brave.

12. Bill Weasley: face completely disfigured

In “Harry Potter and the half blood prince”, Bill Weasley is disfigured by the werewolf Fenrir Siva, who leaves huge scars that turn his face horribly grotesque (although Fleur Delacour does not cease to love him for it). In contrast, in the film we can only see a couple of scratches.

13. Narcissa Malfoy: blond hair

The aristocratic Narcissa Malfoy had a long blonde hair, which made it seem like a ghost drowned. For what there was to do in the film the hair of two colors is something that is still not understood.

Do you see any difference between the characters of the book and the movie? It tell us in the comments!

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