How you can help prevent animal abuse

Animals bring so much to the existence of a human being that your life and well-being are worth as much or more than our own. However, some unscrupulous forget, mistreating, humillándolos and ultrajándolos of the worst form. Even you, in an unconscious way, you may have fallen into something similar, just as an observer.

Because we love the animals, will tell you how you can contribute your grain of sand in this world so hostile against these living beings to avoid the breach and help the dogs, cats, or any other animal, have an excellent quality of life and to be happy, because they deserve it.

Start by taking good care of your pet, so you know what other animals need

1. Feeds well to the animals that you have at home or around you

You should always give them food that actually nurtures and according to their species (remember that eating your foods is not enough for them). Malnutrition is a form of abuse that can lead to your pet to depression, illness, or feeling out of energy.

2. Brings out your pet for a walk daily

The animals not only should leave home to make their needs, but also to experience moments of recreation and fun. Remember that they also become stressed and, like you, need physical activity to release energy. You will feel calm and healthy.

The mimes are also enriching and needed for the animals, because they feel and have emotions, like humans. Whether it’s a puppy, a kitten or a parrot, all need special care, as to keep its coat clean, healthy and shiny, or any other type of wellness means living a dignified and respected.

3. Always keep a habitat pleasing to them

Your immediate environment is also important. Everything is neat, smells good and is pest-free is part of the love and respect that you can provide. Whenever you decide to allocate a place in your home, or better yet, share your home with a pet, ask yourself how you’d like to live, and if the conditions that surround you are the ones that you would feel good, certainly as well as feel your little friend.

4. Be careful with the punishments and the way to educate your pet

You must not hit the animals or shout at them. Opt for non-violent techniques that teach, but do not mistreat or physically or emotionally. If you’re a mom or dad, teach your sons, nephews, or children around you to be compassionate with the pets. Remember that the way you treat animals defines who you are as a person and what you can bring to the society.

The example part everything. If you are a father, mother, uncle, teacher or fulfill any other role that involves children, and they see how you treat the animals, are going to tend to be imitating you. So I strive to guide them on a path of compassion, love and respect for their pets and those of others. Remind them at every moment, as well as they feel physical pain before a crash and require to cover nutritional needs and emotional, the animals the same.

5. Keep your eyes open to abuse and complaint!

Do not become part of the scourge wielding a battering indirect. If you do not participate, the fact that you observe, skip and don’t say anything or report, it makes you a perpetrator. So that leaves out your great love for animals and if you notice that any are caged, malnourished, with little fur, injured, infested with fleas and ticks, with little water and no food in the dish or in any other kind of evil state, go immediately to his aid, and contact with the relevant authorities to save his life and to admonish the guilty. Don’t hesitate even a second!

6. Insists on your complaint and learn more about the rules about the animal abuse

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, the authorities that regulate the laws in favor of the animals are allowed to go high the allegations. Therefore, it is essential to insist again and again until you are heard. Don’t stop until you don’t get the help that he violated you need, and you armes of tools and you get arguments, read up on the standards that exist around the rights of animals in your country, as well the indifference to your call, you will be less likely.

7. Make a contribution to the foundations that protect animals

There are many groups and shelters that take care of the animals. The receiving of the street or where they come from, and give them a better quality of life. If you really love your pet, think that others as it also eat and need to stay hydrated, so it is not that you make financial contributions, materials or even your time to these foundations. Remember, not everything is money, since a gallon of water, until a few kibbles or a few hours of your day can save many lives.

8. Do not buy pets, I adopt!

If you want to have a pet at home, do not buy it, go to the foundations that give in adoption. This is a way of giving your help to these living beings so vulnerable that usually come to these places after they have been victims of abuse. It is a way of giving them the opportunity to live a happy life and leave behind the bad experiences.

If you have more recommendations on the care of the animals and their protection from abuse, write them in the comments. If we join in their help, these living beings that make us so happy everyday will have at the end of a dignified life and full of love, as they deserve it.

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